SwiftKey keyboard for Android now syncs clipboard to Windows 10

Microsoft’s SwiftKey app has a new feature that lets you sync your Android device’s clipboard with your Windows computer. This feature was first noticed in October last year, and now it has become available to users of the popular keyboard on the beta channel.

After installing the latest beta version of SwiftKey, you need to go to the application settings and activate the “Sync clipboard history” function. Next, you need to do the same on the computer: “Options”> “Clipboard”> “Synchronization between devices.” It is also worth making sure that the “Clipboard Log” option is enabled. After all these manipulations, users will be able to access the computer to everything copied to the clipboard on the smartphone and vice versa. To do this, on a device running Windows 10, you can use the Win + V keyboard shortcut.

It should be noted that such a cloud-based clipboard lasts for an hour and only displays the last copied item in the tooltip bar in the SwiftKey app. All data is encrypted and is not associated with a Microsoft account in any way. The developers have not announced when the new feature will be rolled out to the stable channel, but it looks like it will happen soon.

It is noteworthy that the ability to synchronize the clipboard of a smartphone with a computer and other devices has long been available to owners of iPhones and Galaxy.

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