SwirlWalls live wallpaper spins like a spinner as you swipe down the screen

In February of this year, the SwirlWalls application from the developer of the popular Action Launcher appeared on Google Play. It offered a fresh take on the spiral live wallpaper for smartphones. Such wallpapers are unique. They are created by hand and are not found anywhere else. Recently, the developer released the second version of SwirlWalls, which has even more live wallpapers and a new Tap-to-Spin feature that makes the picture rotate when you flip through desktops.

Tap-to-Spin is based on the FlickFx feature from the first version of the app. It allows users to rotate the live wallpaper like a spinner with every touch of the screen. It is possible to adjust the rotation speed and touch sensitivity on the screen.

The current update also adds over 60 new wallpapers, including layered Fiber Orbit, Hooli Hoops, and Holo HUD options. Each of them has a dark style, automatically activated as soon as the device turns on the dark mode.

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Another significant change in SwirlWalls 2.0 is a new feature indicator that allows you to unlock new wallpapers and various paid options after viewing ads. Each time a user watches an ad, this indicator fills up to reveal new features and wallpapers. Those who are not ready to put up with ads can purchase SwirlWalls Prime to unlock all the app’s features.

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