Swords, blood and furious realism: Chivalry 2 Released

For fans of realism, melee weapons, and the Middle Ages, today, June 8, is a real holiday – the long-awaited Chivalry 2 has gone to the release, which provides an insane set of opportunities to cut a virtual enemy in half. It is worth noting that the project was launched on all available platforms at once – on PC through the Epic Games Store and also on PS5, PS4, Xbox One. Xbox Series X | S. And along with the release, the developers decided to tell gamers about the various features of the second numbered part and the content that will be presented in the foreseeable future. It turned out that there is still a lot of interesting things ahead.

The gameplay of Chivalry 2 is based on battles between two teams of players in different modes. The conditions for victory may differ, but the essence of the gameplay is always the same – you need to defeat other players with the help of many types of melee weapons. For this, there is an advanced combat system, realistic damage, chopping, stabbing blows, and one of the most colorful and bloody mechanics of killing a virtual enemy. There are no casual elements here, and there is as much blood on the screen as in DOOM. This is what the franchise attracts gamers with.

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Moreover, although at the time of the release in Chivalry 2 there is a lot of content, the developers promised to support the project for a long time – for this, they will add new battle modes, weapons, and equipment, the ability to customize your warrior, many decorative items, horses and even new maps … At the same time, most importantly, all the content that will be sold for real money is purely cosmetic – it will not work to gain an advantage in the battle for real money. Sounds interesting enough, especially for loyal fans of the previous part.

Chivalry 2 in Epic Games Store.

Chivalry 2 in PS Store.

Chivalry 2 in Microsoft Store.

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