SWTOR won’t start/open/load error

Star Wars: The Old Republic abbreviated as SWTOR is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) loosely based on the Star Wars plot. It was released in early 2011 by EA, but it is loved and played until now. Also, the stardom of this game remains the same, but so are the problems with playing it. Imagine hearing from a friend about this cool game and downloading this 25GB game as soon as you get home using all your expensive data. Finally the game downloads, you are too excited, you started session and hit play, but all of a sudden an error pops up in a dialog that says “SWTOR Launcher has stopped working. « And neither will he swtor.

An unexpected error after sacrificing 25GB of data and storage. That is one of the cruelest things that can happen to a player. But don’t worry, this error can be fixed. As a result, you can redeem your time and money by playing this game successfully. Therefore, we will resolve this error in no time. Just follow the guidelines on the page and you will get this error.

Common error statements

  • “SWTOR Launcher has stopped working. «
  • “Error downloading patch data. Retrying …
  • “An error has occurred. Retrying …
  • “Run with administrator privileges.”
  • “An error has occurred. Exit and restart SWTOR Launcher «.
  • “An error has occurred. Contact customer support with this error number. [#] «
  • “Network error. Check your Internet connection. »
  • “An error occurred while updating. Repair”

The reasons for SWTOR will not be released

These errors can occur in any version of Windows like Windows10 / Windows8.1 / 8 and Windows 7 as well. There are many reasons why SWTOR will not start:

  • The system does not meet the minimum requirements to run the game.
  • Network problems such as no slow internet connection.
  • A problem in the client’s content.
  • Corrupt or infected files.
  • The drivers are out of date.
  • dll files are missing.
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How to fix the “SWTOR will not start” problem?

For the above reasons, there are corresponding solutions to fix the problem of SWTOR not starting. Therefore, it is a list of all the possible solutions that can get you out of this problem and allow you to continue playing and enjoying the game.

Solution n. # 1: try reinstalling the program to fix SWTOR

Reinstalling the program is the best option for playing the game because all the important files required to run the game are restored to their original form as they were. Therefore, it is the first and most important step in troubleshooting. See if it launches this time.

Solution 2: try running the launcher as an administrator

Most notably, trying to run the launcher as an administrator. The administrator account has access to all permissions and some dll files may not be accessible when used as a guest for security reasons. Also, to run any program as administrator, just right click on it and select run as administrator from the list.

Solution # 2: Restore missing dll files

First of all, dll files are very important and are necessary to run programs and games. If these files are lost, the game is likely to crash during launch. So, try to download the missing dll files and put them in the specified folder of the program.

Note: solution n. 1 It can also solve the problem of missing dll files. Try the first one before trying this one.

Solution n. # 3: run a full system scan

Maybe the program / game files are infected or corrupted . If that’s the reason, try using your antivirus to perform a system analysis for repair these infected files and the environment.

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Check if the error is gone.

Solution 4: try disabling antivirus

WARNING – Try this solution at your own risk because disabling virus protection may compromise your security.

Sometimes, windows firewall and virus protection they act like a inhibitor . It is likely that block delete the important infected file required by the system to run swtor instead of repairing it. Disable the Firewall and virus protection is excellent sometimes when it comes to games.

Check if you can fix the error.

Solution n. # 5: update your drivers

The most important thing a game requires to run are the controllers, since they are mainly correlated with the graphics hardware . So please try download the latest drivers for your graphics engine and install them . This could eradicate the problem.

Solution # 6: some other solutions

Yes could you play this game last night, and after update the windows the next day no you can play it, so updating windows might have caused some file changes. There are several solutions related to this problem:

Sub-solution # 1: Change the content of the client settings

The best solution and the best priority I could find was to make some changes to client configuration following these steps:

  1. First of all, go to the route C: Users [USERNAME] AppData Local SWTOR betatest settings.

    – The AppData folder may be hidden. If so, make it visible.
  2. In this folder, look for a file called client_settings.ini and open it with notepad.

  3. The content of the file may look like this:
  4. Add a line to this file that says:
    “Full screen = false”
    NOTE – If this doesn’t work, add two more lines:
    «AntiAliasingLevel = 4 Debug
    AdvEnviroLighting = true ».
  5. Save the changes that this file made.
  6. Finally, reboot your PC.
  7. Consequently, run play now and press play .

Hope this time you were able to succeed and launch the game.

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Sub-solution # 2: Change Launcher settings / Try disabling bitraider

The second solution involves the same kind of manipulation. Here we are trying to disable the bitraider to reset patches.

  1. First of all, go to C: Program Files (x86) Electronic Arts BioWare Star Wars – The Old Republic.
  2. Find the file » Launcher.settings » in this folder and open it with notepad .
  3. On line 13 or so, you will find a text that says “to disable bitraider = False ».
  4. Change this assignment to true so that it says “to disable bitraider = True ».
  5. Keep changes
  6. Reboot your pc.
  7. Finally , start the game.

You will not see any error messages after this and you will be able to launch the game quite successfully.

Sub-solution # 3: try a few more manipulations

It is necessary to use the files provided in the game folder to fix this launch issue because they knew that this issue has taken much more peace of mind. Get started by following these steps:

  1. First of all, go to C: Program Files (x86) Electronic Arts BioWare Star Wars – The Old Republic.
  2. Delete the folder Patch .
  3. Reboot your pc.
  4. Now run the FixLauncher.exe
  5. Again reboot your PC.
  6. Finally, run Launcher.exe

Hope you took down this enemy and are playing the game smoothly this time.

NOTE: In addition, you can perform the same sub-solution as the stand-alone solutions, also for other types of errors.


Hopefully now, after using all these methods carefully, you have probably solved the problem. If not, try fix general problems before hands, such as checking internet connection and system requirements, system restore, boot repair, etc.

You can always go to the community form and create a post that details the problem, they are more likely to reverse it.

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