Tesla told the California Department of Transportation (DMV) that it is unlikely to be able to develop fully autonomous driving technology until the end of this year. In January, during a conference call on financial issues, Elon Musk confidently stated that “already this year, a car will be able to drive itself more reliably than a human.” However, according to the memo, Tesla employees believe that the words of their leader are not true.

“Elon’s tweet does not correspond to reality. Tesla’s autonomous driving system is still at the second level, and misunderstanding or its misapplication could have tragic consequences, “- said in a note following a conversation with the company representatives with the California Department of Transportation.

In April 2021, the head of Tesla announced on Twitter that there is not much left before the release of the new autonomous driving system, and the beta version of the software will “blow your mind.”

The second level of autonomy implies the constant presence of the driver in the car, while a car with the fifth level of autopilot is considered fully autonomous. Company officials, including Tesla’s autonomous driving engineer CJ Moore, believe Elon Musk is extrapolating the rate of improvement when he talks about the capabilities of a Level 5 autopilot, but they are not sure if these changes will be implemented before the end of the calendar year.

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