The 7 best media players for Windows 10

When it comes to the media player, the choice becomes a bit difficult to choose. This happens to me quite a bit when I am quite confused about which media player I should choose. However, the difficult time is over as we have created the list of the 7 best media players for Windows 10.

Be sure to use the one that fits your options.

Best Media Players for Windows 10

Let’s go directly to the list of the best media player. Must?

VLC media player

When it comes to the best media player for Windows 10, VLC Media steals the show. Top the charts even without question. What do you think is the reason? Well, mainly because it is free software and is available for everyone to use.

The hand behind this massive popularity is the VideoLAN project. It comes with methods that include video and audio compression. It can be played at any time in the file format. VLC Media Player comes without any steps that involve any pain.

The frequent updates you receive are one of the main reasons people fall for it.

Download here


PotPlayer has been one of the best alternatives for media playback when it comes down to it. The South Korean internet company called “Kakao” is the brains behind PotPlayer.

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Furthermore, it also comes with a lot of customization that will surely bring a good experience to the users who are a part of it. So if you silently want to get rid of the VLC media player, then PotPlayer is the one for you.

Download here


KMPlayer is another best multimedia player for Windows. It is totally free and is capable of playing all kinds of mainstream videos when it comes to that.

Users can openly rely on this, as it is a great option to choose from. Besides, you also have the privilege to add more codecs if you need them. It supports 3D videos and a 4K streaming option as well.

With this option, you also have the opportunity to edit the subtitles, which is great. Pandora TV currently owned it in 2007.

Download here

Media Player Classic – Home Theater

This player’s name is for the right purpose. It sure is a classic to choose from. Also, it tops the charts of being one of the best media players so far.

Other than that, the sleek features it comes with are quite a sight in itself. If you are still running your old computer, then this player will serve its purpose. It comes with DVD player software that will make the experience worthwhile.

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Download here

GOM Media Player

Also known as Gretech Online Movie Player, which is a completely free-to-use media player option for everyone. It is capable of providing audio and video support for all kinds of video file formats. At the end of the day, that’s what we look for. A platform that gives us everything. No more worries, as GOM takes care of everything.

It also comes with its own library. We can use the library to download all kinds of subtitles and have fun watching and enjoying the movie experience. Furthermore, you can also choose your preferred language. The link facility is great too.

Download here

ACG Player

With so many options available, it becomes a bit difficult to choose the best media player, right? How about adding one more to your list of media players? ACG media player is more like a clean-looking UWP player app. The media player doesn’t take up much storage space either.

It comes with many features, including options that provide external features like video and audio effects. In addition, it also offers options such as the use of subtitles from art sources, control gestures, background music, etc.

Download here


I have been using this media player for a long time, and I must say that it is a good choice for media players. It was known by the name XBMC and is open-source software for download. You can also customize the media player according to your choice.

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It sure serves as a great alternative to any other media player. It is capable of playing all kinds of video and audio formats and being one of the best options. The successful hands behind Kodi are Xbox Media Center.

Besides, it also comes with many add-ons like Netflix, Youtube, etc.

Download here

Best Media Players for Windows 10 PCs

Well, now that you know the names of most of them, you can go pick them up. Here is the gist of the following.

  1. VLC media player
  2. PotPlayer
  3. KMP Player
  4. Classic media player
  5. GOM Media Player
  6. ACG Player
  7. Kodi


Well, that was all about the best media players for Windows 10 that one can get their hands on. We all literally rely on media players to watch movies, our favorite TV series, and whatnot! So it is essential to get the media player that fantastically does its job, don’t you think?

We have agreed with you. So be sure to use the one that meets your needs and expectations.

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