Elon Musk, founder and head of Tesla and SpaceX, continues to influence the price of Bitcoin. True, this time after his next tweet, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world did not fall in price but, on the contrary, rose in price.

Since June 13, Bitcoin has risen in price by almost 10%, and at the time of this news publication, one coin costs about $ 39,700. The maximum mark reached by the course in the last 24 hours was $ 41,090 per coin. This is how the market reacted to another tweet from an American businessman. On his Twitter page, Musk said that Tesla would resume accepting payment in bitcoins when there is confirmation of a reasonable (about 50%) use of clean energy by miners, that is, energy from renewable sources. This was Musk’s response to media reports urging the US Securities and Exchange Commission to pay attention to the Tesla founder’s tweets.

In March, we will remind Elon Musk that buyers of new Tesla electric vehicles would be able to pay for the purchase with bitcoins. However, in mid-May, Tesla stopped accepting payments in bitcoins, explaining this by concerns about the negative impact of cryptocurrency mining on the environment. As a result, the bitcoin rate fell by 11% in a few hours. Musk then hinted that Tesla sold off its digital assets, leading to a drop in Bitcoin in the market. However, in a recent tweet, he stated that his company only sold about 10% of its crypto assets to prove that Bitcoin can be easily liquidated without impacting the market.

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