The creator of Pinebook and PinePhone has released a smartwatch for $27

PINE64 Team Known for Pinebook ARM Laptops and PinePhone GNU / Linux Smartphones Releases Smart Watches PineTime.

PineTime received a 1.3-inch square touch IPS screen with a resolution of 240×240 pixels. The battery has a capacity of 170-180 mAh. According to PINE64, a full charge will last for a week of work. The watch can count the pulse and the number of steps taken. They are also protected against water penetration according to IP67 and can withstand immersion to a depth of 1 meter. The body is made of plastic and zinc alloy.

The device runs on the open-source InfiniTime firmware based on FreeRTOS, with the functions of displaying notifications from the phone (there is a vibration motor), controlling music on the phone, and a stopwatch. The community is developing alternative firmware.

The watch can be paired via Bluetooth with Android smartphones using the APP Gadgetbridge, with smartphones on SailfishOS using Amazfish, with GNU / Linux computers using Siglo.

PineTime sold on the site PINE64 for $ 26.99. Also available development kit (Development Kit) of two devices for $ 49.98 for people interested in developing their own firmware.

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