The developer Magisk went to Google: the future of the utility is in question

Few people know John Wu, but many advanced users know him under the nickname topjohnwu – the developer of the Magisk utility for Android, which allows you to “root” a mobile device and make changes to the system without touching the system partition. In mid-2019, he joined Apple as an intern to work on the Siri Core Platform team and then moved to the machine translation team. Now John Woo has announced his departure from Apple to go to Google, the company that develops the very operating system for which he created Magisk and has helped millions of users get ROOT access.

John Woo has joined the Google Android Platform Security Team responsible for protecting the Android OS from vulnerabilities. Every month, the company releases Android security updates, which contain fixes for all identified platform vulnerabilities. The Android operating system is used on more than 2.5 billion devices worldwide, so Google must have a team dedicated to its security.

John Woo’s move to Google is a logical continuation of his career. Developing and maintaining Magisk requires a deep understanding of many aspects of Android security. At the same time, such work will certainly lead to a conflict of interest since Magisk is to Google the same as jailbreak to Apple. There is a possibility that John Woo will no longer participate in the development of the utility, as evidenced by his message, which he immediately deleted.

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On the other hand, Magisk is an open-source project, and anyone can theoretically make changes to the program. But for this, you need to be tech-savvy and understand the issue.

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