The programmer released kachpa in the form of DOOM: you need to kill monsters for speed

Spanish programmer and web developer Miquel Camps Orteza has created an unusual captcha in the cult game DOOM. Instead of the standard check of users for “humanity,” which consists of selecting suitable pictures, it is necessary to kill monsters. And it would be best if you did this at speed. The developer posted DOOM Captcha on Product Hunt, and in a few days, it became the most popular project on the platform.

Site owners can install DOOM Captcha on their resources for free, adjust the complexity of the captcha (select the number of enemies to complete it successfully), and add a timer and music from the game. Orteza admits that he created such a captcha for fun, so he does not recommend taking it seriously. The defense can be easily bypassed with minimal knowledge and even passed without killing monsters (if you enter the IDDQD code, referring to the original game).

By the way, Mikel Camps Orteza is not the first time experimenting with captcha. Previously, he invented the squat test. To do this, the captcha monitors the progress of the exercise via a webcam. As for DOOM, the shooter was installed on many devices, including a watch, a calculator, and even a pregnancy test.

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