In early 2021, in January, the developers of the popular Nova Launcher officially announced that they are working on the seventh version of their application. And today, July 22, the software was presented in beta format on the Google Play platform so that anyone can download the launcher for free. It is worth noting that during the development of the seventh version of their application, the team members completely rewrote the code, made new animations, redesigned the general interface style, and added many new functions that will make the user’s life more comfortable.

To make it clearer for users what changes have appeared in Nova Launcher 7, the developers have published a full list of innovations:

  • visual update – new animation styles, visual design of the interface;
  • new weather icon in the search bar;
  • advanced Nova search;
  • thematic icons and shape switching for each of the icons;
  • option for Android for Work applications on a separate tab;
  • new options for custom widgets with flexible customization.
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Moreover, the developers described a list of innovations that were carried over from the previous beta versions of the launcher (they were tested in a closed user group):

  • DuckDuckGo search engine for Nova Search includes autocomplete;
  • Improved support for widescreen displays like edge-to-edge displays on Moto Edge.
  • new style of the pop-up menu, as in Android 12;
  • function to hide the clock (only on the main screen of Nova if you have root rights);
  • the ability to selectively not change the shape of the icons;
  • new parameters for the search bar;
  • the ability to search through the list of widgets.

Naturally, already in this beta version, the developers will make many edits and minor improvements that users will not immediately notice.

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