The startup of the former head of Yota will develop an electric car for Uber

Uber, a taxi ordering service, announced a partnership with the British startup Arrival, founded by the former Deputy Minister of Communications of the Russian Federation and the ex-head of the Yota mobile operator Denis Sverdlov. As part of the cooperation, Arrival, which specializes in the production of electric vans and buses, will create a comfortable electric car Arrival Car especially for Uber.

When developing Arrival Car for Uber, Arrival engineers will focus on the comfort, safety and convenience of the driver and passengers to ensure a first-class travel experience, AutoCar writes. It is assumed that the electric car will enter serial production in the third quarter of 2023, and the partners promise to reveal the final concept of the Arrival Car by the end of 2021. So far, we only know that it will be built on the Small Vehicle Platform, created by Arrival for cars. The electric taxi will be made in a restrained minimalist design, and the emphasis will be on the spacious interior.

“We are confident that electrified passenger transport will have a huge impact on cities and we are committed to supporting drivers in the transition to electric vehicles. Our Uber vehicle will be designed with drivers in mind to create a vehicle that is affordable, durable and popular. We have already created a best-in-class electric delivery vehicle in partnership with UPS, and we hope to repeat this success with Uber. We are developing the best taxi product that will improve passenger comfort and improve the health, safety and financial situation of drivers, ”said Tom Elvidge, senior vice president of Arrival, commenting on the agreement with Uber.

By the way, the partnership with Arrival follows a recent promise from Uber to fully switch to electric vehicles in London by 2025, and five years later across Europe and North America. The service has committed more than £ 135 million to incentivize Uber’s London drivers to switch to electric cars. The company says more than 3.5 million Uber trips in London have so far been driven by all-electric vehicles.

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And Arrival says that a typical taxi car, of which there are at least about 30 million worldwide, travels on average 45 to 50 thousand kilometers per year, while the average annual mileage of a private car is about 12 thousand kilometers. And the transition to the use of electric vehicles for transporting passengers will significantly reduce air emissions and improve the environmental situation in cities, especially in gas-polluted metropolitan areas.

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