The US government allowed Synchron Inc. test brain implants in humans

Yesterday, July 28, Bloomberg reported that employees of the American company Synchron Inc. received FDA approval for human testing of brain implants. However, as the researchers themselves said, the main purpose of these tests is to test the functions of the implant itself and the opportunity to prove to the whole world that the installation of implants in the brain and their further work are absolutely safe for humans. In this direction, scientists managed to bypass even Elon Musk’s company Neuralink, which tests implants only on monkeys.

Having received appropriate permission from the government, Synchron Inc. will begin clinical trials of implants in the United States. And if this does not give healthy people so far (the possibilities of implants are currently quite modest), then for people with certain chronic diseases or partial/complete paralysis, the technology will be a real gift. For example, after installing a device called Stentrode, a person can use brain impulses to control various digital devices. For example, you can use the power of thought to control the cursor on a computer.

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The technology developers also focus on an essential feature of Stentrode – to install the implant, you do not need to operate on the human brain. The device is installed through an injection into a blood vessel in the neck, after which the implant is “delivered” to the vessel in the brain, which, of course, is more comfortable than a full-fledged operation. Perhaps, when clinical trials are completed, these implants will be installed on a commercial basis – then it will be possible to declare that cyberpunk has arrived.

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