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The win10script utility automatically disables unnecessary Windows features and loads the necessary programs

An enthusiast with the nickname ChrisTitusTech wrote a universal script for configuring computers running Windows 10. Unlike the more famous Windows 10 Sophia Script, this utility can install the necessary applications using the third-party package manager Chocolatey – add a list of everything you need to the main script. Also, new programs can immediately bind to certain types of files – all this is configured manually.

With a fresh update win10script, like the popular analog, I learned how to cut pre-installed applications from the system using a separate script. Among the features are getting rid of telemetry, disabling the Cortana assistant, deleting some scheduled tasks that prevent you from completely cleaning the system. Importantly, the script does not affect the operation of the Microsoft Store and Windows Defender so that they will remain in working order. The utility saves time when configuring new PCs.

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