Third-party widgets will still appear in Windows 11

The latest Windows 10 introduces a new News and Interests feature that shows the weather and other content on the taskbar. In general, this is a useful element of the system, but it has certain drawbacks that make it difficult to use. One of the main issues is the use of EdgeHTML web viewers, which are quite slow. With the introduction of WebView2 on Chromium in Windows 11, this work is being done much faster, giving hope for further development of widgets in the Microsoft system shortly. But here, too, users were disappointed because, in the leaked build of Windows 11, the new widgets remained just a feed of news and interests without the possibility of customization. Even in the code of the system, there was no evidence of access to the function API. Well-known insider WalkingCat hastened to assure everyone that third-party widgets will still appear in Windows 11 this year.

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It is reported that initially, the next version of Microsoft’s operating system will only support native widgets, with third-party solutions coming later this year.

Apparently, widgets can be a further development of live tiles, which will make them more interactive. And that would solve one of the most controversial issues in Windows – supporters of live tiles will finally get a worthy replacement. Those who were not enthusiastic about them will be able to add widgets only for those applications that interest them. Microsoft will unveil Windows 11 next week and provide details on this and other new system features.

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