Top 10 apps for making money on Android

In this article, we will talk about how you can make money on an android phone. Now almost every person has a mobile smartphone and tablet on the Android OS, for the use of which you have to constantly pay. But, not many owners of their devices know that with the help of them you can not only not pay for communication services, but also earn a little extra money.

Types of earnings on Android

At the moment, it is possible to make money on Android in three ways, using special applications for earning:

  1. Downloading games and applications – the most popular and profitable way of earning money. The download comes from Google Play, so you risk nothing. For each installation, you will receive a certain amount of money from the advertiser, which can be transferred to your mobile account, web money, qiwi, etc. Sometimes the instructions ask you to rate or write a review for the game, but the payment for this is higher.
  2. Viewing advertisements – a less popular type of earnings, but stable and bringing in daily income. The essence of making money is watching ads on your Android device, with pay-per-view.
  3. Completing assignments – easy earnings without investments, available to users of any gadgets. This type includes: surfing (viewing) sites, joining groups in social networks, entering captcha, watching videos on YouTube, etc.

Earnings on the phone

How much can you earn

The first thing that interests everyone after the question “How to make money?” – this is “How much can you earn on an android?” Unfortunately, we cannot name a specific amount, since everything here is individual and depends only on your desire to earn. In other words, the more effort you put in, the more you earn.

Do not forget that almost all earning applications offer a referral program with which you can invite other people to the system and receive at least 10% of their profits for this.

A referral program is a system of rewarding project users for inviting new users. At the same time, the invitee himself does not lose anything, but, on the contrary, receives a one-time bonus, in the form of several rubles on the balance.

Indicative figures:

  • Download a game or application – the average cost is 5-6 rubles.
  • Give an estimate – the average cost is 1-2 rubles.
  • Write a short review 2-3 rubles.
  • View ad – the average cost is 0.1 rubles.
  • Visit the site – the average cost is 0.25 rubles.
  • Completing tasks – the price is unlimited and depends on the complexity of the work and can reach tens or hundreds of rubles.

The prices are, of course, small, but still it is quite possible to cover the cost of communication, and if you also invite other people, you can earn pretty good money.

attentionDo not use VPN and any other applications to change your IP address or region, the administration does not approve of such actions and prohibits the use of VPN, so be prepared for the fact that your account may be blocked for violating the rules!

Apps for making money on Android

We have tried to compile a rating of the best and most proven programs, with the maximum prices and the amount of work. The list is organized in descending order, but for maximum earnings, we recommend installing all the applications presented.

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Probably the best mobile earning app to date. AdvertApp is the first application where everyone receives the first payment within 3 minutes after launch. If AdvertApp temporarily does not have available tasks, then do not rush to delete it, almost every day there are new orders: install games and open them.

Instant withdrawal of earned money to Qiwi, mobile or WebMoney. To receive a payment, it is enough to collect only 3 rubles. You can also invite friends and receive 10% of their earnings.

Types of tasks in AdvertApp:

  • Install and open the application.
  • Leave a review in Google Play.
  • Do not delete the game for 3, 5 or 7 days.

infoWhen you first start, you will be asked to enter a promo code, you can enter our code: 2h3kb7 and immediately get 5 rubles. at your own expense.




Another popular application for making money by downloading games in Russia, which every Android user should have. To start earning, you need to perform paid actions to install games and watch ads. Unlike most similar programs, new orders are available in Appcente almost every day. Withdrawals are available to a mobile account, or electronic wallets Yandex Money, Webmoney, Qiwi, etc.

The main distinguishing feature of Appcent from similar applications is the reward system, which directly depends on your activity. The more downloads you have completed, the higher the additional bonus (from 3 to 10%). If the tasks are temporarily over, then there is still something to do in Appcente – invite your friends and receive additional income (20-50%) from each order they complete, while the invitee himself will not lose anything.

infoUse our gift code: 0r7kj1 and guaranteed to get 5 rubles. on the balance sheet.




The third most popular service with which you can earn money by completing various simple tasks. Allow in the settings to send you notifications in order to quickly learn about new offers. Withdraw the accrued funds to your mobile phone account or qiwi wallet.

Appbonus has a bonus reward system that depends on your activity. To work, you need to install the application on Android or IOS, and then log in to it through an account from social networks.

Appbonus advantages:

  • There is no minimum payout threshold, so it is allowed to withdraw funds even after each download.
  • A bonus of 2 rubles for each invited friend, as well as 20% of his profit.
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infoEnter the promo code when registering: SMWUF and immediately receive a bonus of 3 rubles to your account.


Globus mobile


An excellent application for making money by watching ads, which should be installed in every smartphone. There is no need to download anything here, all that is required of you is just to view and close ads that will periodically appear on the screen of your device.

To start making money, you need to go through a quick registration on the site, and then download the application itself from Google Play. If you like this service, then on the official website versions of the program for Windows or iOS are available.

Globus Mobile has a 7-level referral system that allows you to receive good passive income every day. The minimum withdrawal amount is only $ 0.5.




A unique application in which everyone can earn money by choosing one of several methods. Browse sites, write reviews, take tests, or complete other simple tasks, on the most popular book box, with over 1 million users and instant payment from 2 rubles.

After registration, in order to open the full functionality, you must activate the “Worker” status. To do this, just go to “My personal data” and fill in all the fields with real data. When the data is filled in, go to the “Execution of tasks” section and start fulfilling orders. The more tasks you can complete, the more money you will earn.

You can work on the site itself through a browser or, for convenience, download the Seosprint application for Android.


legkie dengi


Another popular program for making money by downloading games in Russia and the CIS, which is desirable for every Android owner. With this application you will forget about mobile top-up forever. In general, Easy Cash does not differ much from similar services, but it still has several advantages. Among the advantages are daily rewards, as well as the opportunity to try your luck in the spinner of fortune and win a cash reward.

Withdrawal of money is available to MTS, Beeline, TELE2 and Megafon numbers, as well as WebMoney, YooMoney or Qiwi wallets, the minimum amount for a withdrawal request is 10 rubles.

Types of tasks:

  1. Install and run the game.
  2. Write a comment on Google Play.
  3. Do not delete the game for 3-7 days.

In addition, many partners are available in your personal account, who pay for watching videos and passing tests.

infoUse our gift code: TQ4MKZ and guaranteed to get 5 rubles. at your own expense.



7. PFI

Mobile earnings on the Internet without investments – just download the proposed games or applications, launch them and do not delete for a certain time. In your personal account, you can see the orders that were during your absence. Save coins and withdraw them to your mobile phone, qiwi or webmoney account.

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Pfi benefits:

  • Notifications of new arrivals.
  • The minimum wage for withdrawal is 15 rubles.
  • Funds are received within 5 minutes after the request.
  • Bonus programs and drawings.

infoEnter our invitation code: P297D2 at the first start and get 5 rubles as a gift. to your balance.

Google-play DOWNLOAD PFI



Do you want to sit on social networks and get paid for it? Then you have chosen the right solution, VkTarget is the first application for making money on Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Twitter. Just subscribe to groups, watch videos, put likes, reposts and make money on it.

To get started, register on the site and add accounts from your social networks, then download the application itself and carry out the proposed orders. More than 40 types of tasks are available in VkTarget, the more accounts you have linked, the more orders.

If you want to earn more, then call your friends and get 15% of their income (they will not lose anything, the system pays for everything). Withdrawal is possible to mobile, QIWI, Webmoney, Paypal or Yandex Money, for payment you need to have 25 rubles.




Another good application for making money on the phone, in which you need to view promotions and get paid for it. There is nothing easier, make money on the Internet by simply unlocking the screen on your Android device.

Do you want to earn more? Just invite other users to the app using a special link or promo code. Withdrawals are available to MTS, Beeline, TELE 2 or Megafon numbers, as well as Qiwi wallets, the minimum request for payment is only 1 ruble.

infoEnter promo code: rf2115 and take a cash bonus of 5 rubles.




You can try a simple and reliable way of making money by entering captchas. Who doesn’t know, a captcha is a picture with text that is used to identify you as a person or a computer. Just register on the site and get paid for each captcha solved.

If you do not want to work through a browser, you can download the “RuCaptcha bot” application for Android on your phone (tablet) using the link below or from the official website in the “Support” section. The minimum threshold for ordering payments is 15 rubles.


QuestionWhat applications do you use to make money? Share your opinion by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page, perhaps your message will be useful and help other users make a choice.

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