Top 10 games similar to GTA for Android

Games similar to GTA are games for Android, in which the main distinguishing feature is a large and well-developed open world. Often in such games, there is a wide variety of different equipment, firearms and much more. Many of these games are serious projects with an interesting and dramatic storyline, while others offer players complete freedom of action and a completely reckless scenario.

Many people love the games of the Grand Theft Auto series – for their freedom of action, three-dimensional graphics, incredible study of the world and addictive gameplay, but in this collection we will not tell about them, but about games similar to GTA. Today we decided to collect a small list of the best GTA style games that are worth playing if you suddenly get bored with the adventures of Carl Johnson, Niko Bellic or Trevor Philips.

Best Games like GTA

Cover1. Payback 2: The Battle Sandbox

Continuation of the dynamic game for Android, which combines racing, tank simulator and third-person action. The first part of the game received the title of one of the best clones similar to GTA. Unlike the well-known series of games, where the lawlessness in the city was the result of the user’s offenses, in this case, madness is provided everywhere and by default.

A great military company is waiting for you, the actions of which take place in 7 settlements, 9 different types of games, as well as a variety of weapons and many military equipment. Payback 2 for Android will allow you to experience maximum immersion in endless space and complete freedom of action. Take part in tank battles, take part in high-speed helicopter races or provoke huge gang battles.



Cover2. Gangstar Vegas

Another exciting game like GTA in the genre of action for Android devices, in which the developers managed to create the huge world of Las Vegas and decorate it with magnificent graphics. According to the plot, the events take place in Vegas, where shooting, street races, chases, mafia showdowns await you.

Gangster Vegas can be compared to a virtual blockbuster in the style of GTA, characterized by a high level of graphics and a quality storyline. Players have to go through 80 levels, each of which is filled with a variety of vehicles, a rich arsenal of weapons and the ability to upgrade your hero.

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Cover3. Gangstar: New Orleans

One of the best series of games in the open world on Android devices returns to New Orleans again. The application has everything a real bandit needs: hundreds of cars, a wide arsenal of weapons, crazy races, complete freedom of action in a huge city and continuous action, just like in GTA games.

In the game you will have one single goal – to create your own criminal circle, and the capital will be exactly New Orleans. Power will have to be shared not only with other bandits, but also with werewolf cops and even religious sectarians. Complete dozens of story missions throughout the city, enjoying colorful graphics and an AAA-level soundtrack along the way.


Cover4. Clash of Crime Mad City War Go

A high-quality copy of the legendary GTA game in which you have to plunge into the world of crime and gang warfare. The gameplay consists in completing tasks of different directions, among which there will be robberies, and thefts, etc. In the game you will find many dangerous situations, many cool weapons, and a huge selection of cars – from ordinary wrecks to expensive models.

The main goal of the player is to seize power in the city and turn into the most famous bandit. Earn money using black methods, robbing passers-by, organizing robberies of large stores and raids on banks. In the application, a third-person view is worked out at a decent level, the camera is rotated due to swipe movements.



Cover5. MadOut2 BigCityOnline

Another racing action sandbox in the style of Grand Theft Auto, but from Russian developers. In the game, you will move through a huge open city, drive cool cars and participate in hot gunfights in cars. The main part of the action will take place behind the wheel of a car, but, like in GTA, you can always get out of it and take the car away from another driver.

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The game has more than 30 different cars that look simply gorgeous, and realistic physics makes the gameplay even more exciting. In addition, you have almost a dozen different types of weapons at your disposal, you can use pistols, machine guns, shotguns, etc.



Cover6. Dude Theft Wars

An exciting sandbox game for Android with simple cubic graphics, in which you will find yourself in a huge and open world. In the game you will find many interesting tasks that will pleasantly brighten up the passage. This is not to say that the toy is very similar to GTA, but a certain similarity of the gameplay can be traced quite strongly.

In the story, you play as a guy who lived a quiet life, but unexpectedly discovered a huge number of opportunities in his city. You will have to go through a lot of adventures, while you will have almost complete free will – do whatever you want. According to the tradition of the genre, the game has a weapons store with a fairly large selection of weapons, and a large fleet of vehicles for quickly moving through the streets to the point you need.



Cover7. Los Angeles Crimes

High-quality free analogue of GTA 5 for android in Russian. The game uses real models from the fifth part of GTA, and realistic graphics and excellent soundtrack will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay.

As such, there is no plot in the game, but there are a large number of opportunities for realizing your desires. Smashing cars and people can be quite fun and interesting. The shooter has the opportunity to walk around the neighborhood, ride cars, motorcycles and other equipment, jump from a springboard, etc. The disadvantages include a limited choice of weapons and the lack of an open world.



Cover8. Criminal Russia 3D. Boris

The best simulator of criminal life in Russia, with excellent 3D controls and realistic physics of driving vehicles, with a third-person view. You will have almost unlimited opportunities for exploring the territory: steal cars, take part in fights and shootings, ride motorcycles, buses and even trams, do whatever you want.

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In terms of graphics and capabilities, the game is inferior to GTA, but here you can drive domestic cars and play as a Russian character. The developers offer players to try on the role of Boris – a member of a gangster group who wants to gain authority and move up the criminal “career ladder”.



Cover9. Real Gangster Crime

Awesome action game for android devices with an open world and gangster shootings. The game has similarities with the famous Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and will delight all fans of this wonderful game. Here you will meet races on cool cars, gangs and cops on the city streets, lawlessness and shootings, thefts, thefts and an interesting story full of humor.

Excellent graphics and appropriate soundtrack harmoniously complement the gameplay in the game. The game requires a device with an Android version of at least 4.0, so it may lag or not start on weak smartphones and gadgets. Unfortunately, there is no Russian language, but the gameplay is perfectly understandable without it.



Cover10. Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas

And in conclusion, we present to your attention another good toy for Android, similar to GTA. The game has a classic storyline. One guy wants to be realized, but does not allow him to get enough money. Therefore, the main character has no choice but to join the local bandit clan, completing various tasks.

Do a complete mess based on your imagination, and also try to make money selling stolen expensive autocars. Immerse yourself in a dangerous criminal world filled with serious criminal gangs, robbers and powerful mafia, become a real gangster.



questionIf you know of other GTA-type games that are not on this list, please let us know via the comment form at the bottom of the page.

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