TOP 10 Horror Games for Android

For many years, scriptwriters and directors of various horror films have skillfully used our fears. They perfectly understand that a person will definitely come to the cinema again to get his portion of emotions and adrenaline. Developers of Android mobile games realized that this effect would be stronger if you not only watch what is happening on the screen, but also take part in it. This is how the first horror games appeared on mobile devices.

Horror games (from the English horror – horror, horror film) – a genre of mobile games, which is characterized by an emphasis on the survival of the game character in an atmosphere of fear and anxiety, like horror films.

Often horror games are classified as genre Survival horror (translated from English – “survival horror” or “survival in a nightmare”), in principle, Survival horror is the same as just Horror.

The gameplay in horror games usually consists of fighting with some opponents, as in games of other genres, but the player does not feel as much control over what is happening as in most regular action games. This is achieved by various restrictions, such as: lack of weapons, low health, movement speed, visibility, and various obstacles. Often the player is forced to search for items that open up access to new areas, as well as solve various riddles and puzzles. The level design also matches the atmosphere of horror and anticipation of something unexpected and frightening.

Below we have collected for you 10 of the most popular Horror games for Android mobile devices. All the games presented can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Play Store in Russian.

Horror games for Android


1. Horrorfield: Survival Horror Is a multiplayer online game in the genre of Survival horror in Russian, based on Dead by Daylight. According to the plot of the game, four players will have to fight a terrible monster from a horror movie. You can play both for a monster and for people.

Horrorfield is an excellent multiplayer action game with horror elements that combines the genres of action and horror. Beautiful graphics with eerie effects and appropriate soundtrack await you. You will also appreciate the intuitive controls – the virtual panel is on the left side of the screen, and the action buttons are on the right.

??2. Eyes: Scary, horror adventure game – quite an interesting quest in which you have to go to an old abandoned house inhabited by ghosts. The aim of the game is to reveal the secrets of the old mansion.

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Eyes has an eerie atmosphere, so you’ll have to muster up the courage to face serious threats like Charlie’s ghost and Cracey the monster. Alarming music with realistic voices and sounds will help you experience the feeling of horror and fear.

??3. Evil Nun: Horror at school – another horror adventure game for android devices. In the story, an evil nun wants to make you a prisoner of a terrible empty school. She looks like an old woman, a ghost and a zombie at the same time, if she finds you, she will not be able to escape. In addition to her, other ghosts live in the abandoned school, which look no less ominous.

Your hero’s goal is to get out of this gloomy building. The game combines elements of puzzle, horror and action. You will solve various tasks in order to escape from the evil nun who hunted for your hero. Just a few hours in Evil Nun will make you sweat from the heat of the events taking place with the main character.

??4. Granny Is a creepy horror game for Android in which you have to get out of the house and run away from a crazy mistress. Grannies are different, but you were not lucky to meet a real monster, she not only knocked you out and brought you into her house, but also does not allow you to leave it. The main thing is not to get caught by granny, otherwise she will knock you out again.

First, the main character finds himself on a bed in a room of a terrible house. He needs to get out of this terrible place in five days. The situation is complicated by the presence of a frightening old woman in the building, who hears every rustle and immediately reacts to it. Therefore, to free you need to move as quietly as possible, avoid the traps set and look for the keys to the doors.

??5. CASE: Animatronics – a truly scary first-person stealth horror game. Welcome to the police station, where working late can take you to your grave. You are Detective John Bishop, who stayed at the police station until late at night. From another nightmare, you are awakened by a strange call from an old acquaintance, which turns everything upside down.

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The police department is disconnected from the electricity, the security system is hacked and all exits are blocked. But believe me, this is not the biggest problem, the horrors will begin further. You are being chased by a terrible metal monster from metal (animatronic), which is determined to kill. All you have is a tablet, a flashlight and a desire to survive. Hide, solve puzzles, run and leave the building until you are found.

??6. Horror Hospital 2 Is another intimidating game that skillfully plays on a person’s fears and creates a plot that inspires fear with almost every movement on the screen. In the story, you are in the hospital corridor, which is teeming with paranormal phenomena. It will be very difficult for you to survive if your nerves are not as hard as steel.

Explore the territory of a gloomy mental hospital together with a young heroine. Help the girl overcome nightmares and escape from the otherworldly horror. Guide the main character of this game through many dangerous and frightening adventures that await her on her way to freedom. Be careful and don’t let the heroine fall into the trap. Look for useful items and clues that will shed light on dark secrets of the past.

??7. Mr. Meat: Horror Room Puzzle Game Is a first-person action horror game in which you find yourself in the house of a strange neighbor. According to the plot, the main character settles near the character who works as a butcher. He is reputed to be a good, good-natured guy, but one day you will find out that he is a real nutcase. In search of evidence, you go to his house and find yourself trapped. Now you will need to make every effort to escape from him and find a way out of the building.

During the game, you learn that a mad butcher kidnapped a young girl and locked her in his house. Enter his sinister house and save the girl, but remember that you only have 5 hours for this. The psychopath can hear your movements, use this to your advantage and mislead him. Solve puzzles along the way to save the girl.

??8. Slendrina: The Cellar – a scary and at the same time addictive game for android, where you will meet Slendrina again. In this part, you will find yourself in a dark basement, where a terrible creature lives that does not like intruders. Your task is to collect all eight old books, exploring all the locations around you while trying not to get into the eyes of Slendrina. Also, as the game progresses, you need to find all the keys and open the doors that lead to the exit.

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Somewhere in the depths of the old catacombs lives the ghost of a girl. They say that she is still looking for her offenders. Get ready for a terrifying adventure, and for maximum immersion, play in total darkness and use headphones.

??9. The Fear 2: Creepy Scream House – a creepy and frightening horror game for android, where you will find the continuation of a horrifying story. The plot of the game begins with the fact that an evil spirit has kidnapped your wife and daughter. You recognized this spirit, it was your ex-wife, who lost her mind and left this world with anger and hatred on you.

Your task is to meet face to face with the monster and return your family from its clutches. The family is waiting for your help, will you be able to defeat the ghost and face your nightmare. Explore the locations of the house and light your way with a flashlight. Outwit the evil ghost and defeat him.

??10. Sinister Edge Is a high-quality 3D horror adventure game that won the Editor’s Choice award on Google Play. The search for your family has led you to terrible places ruled by a certain Evil Edge. You have prepared the most terrifying adventure in your life, not at all what you are used to seeing in modern horror movies.

The game was developed specifically for VR (virtual reality), so that you can experience the horror that has been prepared for you as realistically as possible. Nevertheless, you can play using a simple smartphone, but in order to enjoy realistic 3D graphics, the latest effects and atmospheric sound in Russian, it is recommended to use virtual reality glasses.

QuestionWhat is your favorite horror game on Android? Share your opinion by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page, perhaps your message will be useful and help other users make a choice.

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