Top 10 Navigators for Android

Navigators are now used by many motorists. Such devices are especially in demand on long trips, in unfamiliar cities or places. Currently, stores offer a wide range of GPS navigators, but most of them do not meet the requirements that are important for normal navigation in a car. Is it really necessary to purchase a navigator? Can I use an Android OS device in this capacity?

So, let’s say that you have a tablet or smartphone, because nowadays rarely anyone can do without them. And if the gadget has a GPS module, then you have an excellent navigator in your hands. In most cases, it will perform much better and more reliably than the GPS routers offered on the market.

Navigator for Android is a special application that can carry out address search and plan the most optimal route, taking into account the type of transport, traffic jams and repair work on the roads.

Today on Google Play you can find a huge number of free navigators for your Android smartphone or tablet. But which one is better to choose? We have tried to make it easier for you to find and have collected ten of the most popular navigators.

Pros of the navigator for Android

List of main advantages:

  1. Work speed – most android devices have powerful processors, so the speed of their work will be an order of magnitude higher than that of navigators.
  2. Functionality – the functionality of the tablet and smartphone is much wider. With their help, you can not only visually monitor the map of the area, but also receive information about traffic jams, talk on Skype, and use other Internet capabilities.
  3. Battery power – the presence of a capacious battery allows the gadget to work offline for 6 hours or more. But the battery of the navigator, at best, will last for 30 minutes of operation.
  4. Big screen – it is much more convenient to observe the map on it than on the screen of a miniature navigator.
  5. Software Update – firmware is often installed on navigators, which is very problematic to replace with more recent ones. On the android, there is no navigation firmware at all. She is simply not needed there. It is enough to download the APK, run the installer, and you can work fully. If you wish, you can update the version of the maps in a couple of minutes, load other maps.
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Cons of the navigator on Android

Are there any negative points when using your phone as a car GPS navigator? There are, and we will now list them:

  1. Screen size – the big screen, it turns out, can be both a plus and a minus. The fact is that if the tablet is large, then it is problematic to place it on the front panel. This requires special fasteners. If you just put the tablet on the next seat, then it will be inconvenient to use it.
  2. Price – the cost of the tablet is higher than the cost of the average navigator. And buying a cheap phone is risky. His processor may be weak and the GPS module is missing. However, there is also a way out. You can purchase a tablet separately, and an external GPS module. In terms of its parameters, such a module surpasses the built-in counterparts. True, the external module depletes the tablet battery, but it can always be recharged from the car battery.
  3. GPS module – on tablets produced by not very well-known companies, there are weak GPS modules, inferior in sensitivity to navigator modules. Devices manufactured by reputable companies are an exception. They have everything in order with the modules, the quality of the equipment is on top.

Installing a navigation program on an android is not difficult. You can download it on Google Play, and then just run it like a regular application. A new icon will appear on the gadget’s desktop.

The best navigators for Android

Cover1. Yandex Navigator – An excellent application that will show you how you can get to the target bypassing traffic jams so that the road takes less time.

The navigator calculates how best to get from the start to the destination, taking into account traffic jams and road events – accidents and other road accidents, repairs and road closures. You can choose from up to three travel options, starting with the fastest. If the route passes through a paid section, the application will warn about this.


Cover2. Navigator Is the second most popular app, with over 5 million downloads worldwide. The application will help all users to quickly open and use popular maps with GPS navigation. Open navigation on your phone with one click.

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The size of the program is only 4.6 M and it is available for free download in Google Play.


Cover3. MapFactor Is a free detailed GPS navigation app that uses OpenStreetMap data. The app works on most Android smartphones and tablets. Maps are installed on the internal memory of the device or SD memory card in advance, so that there is no need to connect to the Internet when traveling. Maps and the app are updated once a month for free.


Cover4. Navitel GPS & Maps – accurate offline GPS navigation, geosocial services and detailed maps of over 60 countries. The application has already been installed by more than 20 million people around the world.

Advantages worth noting:

  • Support for offline maps.
  • Information about traffic jams.
  • 3D cartography of interchanges.
  • Multilingual voice prompts.


Cover5.2GIS: firms, map and navigator – a popular reference book with a map and navigator. The application works without the Internet – download the city base and use it on the plane, metro or roaming.

Features and Benefits:

  • Convenient navigation.
  • Database of cities in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, as well as Cyprus, Czech Republic, Chile and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Shopping center plans. Shows everything from shops and cafes to ATMs and toilets.
  • Data on services, addresses, working hours and companies.

Google-play DOWNLOAD 2GIS

Cover6. Navigator Seven Roads – Another good navigation program called Seven Roads. The application supports offline openstreetmap (OSM maps) and is capable of plotting a route for more than 10,000 km. You can always easily customize your navigator as you wish. Add-ons are ready to be loaded from the program at any time.

Key features:

  • Support for offline maps.
  • Ability to create your own maps.
  • HUD mode.
  • Huge selection of additional extensions (maps, skins, languages, voices, translations, etc.)

Google-play DOWNLOAD 7 ROADS

Cover7. Waze Is a major navigation application that is supported on a voluntary basis. You can also join the Russian driver community and share information about traffic situations and save time and money on your daily commute.

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Simply by traveling with the Waze app, you help keep traffic and traffic information up to date. You can also send reports on accidents, dangers, police and other events, as well as receive this information from others, including prices at gas stations. In addition, you can add friends, share your arrival time and trip.


Cover8. Navigator with bGEO plugs Is a good hybrid GPS navigator with traffic jams, working without internet. BGEO combines all the advantages of offline navigation and online applications. The navigator uses City Guide and OSM maps of compact size for its work.

BGEO works in poor connection conditions as all downloaded maps are automatically cached on your device. If there is no Internet access, the program automatically switches to offline mode and starts working as an autonomous GPS navigator.

Using the service is very simple – download, run and get directions. The necessary data for maps and traffic jams are loaded automatically and will be used in the future when laying the route.

Google-play DOWNLOAD bGEO

Cover9.GPS Navigation Sygic Is a popular offline GPS navigation application based on TomTom maps. With Sygic, you can always use offline maps for free without internet, sightseeing information, route planning and free map updates. High quality maps from TomTom and other suppliers are stored in the phone memory or on an SD memory card, so you can use them without an Internet connection.

To use all the features of the application, you need to upgrade it to the premium version and get access to 3D maps, navigation with detailed voice instructions, routing with lane commands, speed limit warnings and exit information at intersections.


Cover10. Maps and navigation – Travel around the globe or view the area around you with a simple swipe of your finger using the Android application My Maps. Find out your location or search by address and get to your destination using Google maps or Open Street Map (OSM).


Question What kind of Android navigator do you use? Share your opinion by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page, perhaps your message will be useful and help other users make a choice.

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