Top 10 programs for hacking games for Android

If you want to hack a game on your phone or tablet, then you are on the right track. In this article, we will tell you in detail how and with what you can hack a game on an android device. This question worries many users, which is not surprising – the prices for the purchase of in-game currency are often unreasonably high.

How to hack the game

In fact, hacking a game for Android is quite simple. But, for this you need the help of special programs (applications), which are of two types:

  1. The first type allows you to make free purchases in games. This is the easiest way, as it does not require any complicated steps from you. This hacking occurs with the help of an application that can bypass the Play Store license check and change data when paying within the game.
  2. The second type changes the amount of game currency. This type of hack is more difficult, as you have to manually find and change the required numerical values. But when you learn and understand the process, you can hack any games in a few minutes.

attentionMost programs for cracking games work with Root rights on the device, what it is and how to get root rights is described in the article Top 10 programs for obtaining Root rights.

It is also worth noting that only offline games (which do not require Internet access) can be hacked on android, and it is almost impossible to hack online games such as Clash of clans, Game of war, Boom beach, and so on. This is due to the fact that all hacking programs change data inside the device itself, and online games store data on the server, not in the device. Even if you manage to hack an online game, then most likely, after connecting to the server, the data will be restored to its previous values, or you will simply get a ban.

Hacking games without root rights

The programs presented in this section allow you to hack without root rights. The disadvantage of these applications is that the list of supported games is limited and, as a rule, these are simple toys with weak protection.

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An application for hacking games without root rights, with which you can make free purchases. At the moment, Krihak supports about 100 games, including Shadow Fight 2 (v1.7.0). But keep in mind that the program has not been updated for a long time and the developer announced the end of support, so KriHak may not be suitable for hacking new games.


  1. Disable Google Play and Google services in the settings by clicking on “Stop process”.
  2. Then turn off the internet or Wi-Fi.
  3. Next, launch Krihak and minimize or press the “On” button to activate the hack (in some versions, activation occurs at startup).
  4. We go into the application and make any purchase in the store, if you see the inscription – the hack worked, then, accordingly, Creehack worked.


Apk editor


A powerful enough application for editing and hacking APK files. Allows you to change the contents of the APK: localization strings, replace background images, architecture layout, and even remove ads. There are two versions of Apk Editor available in the Play Store – a paid Pro version and a free one.


Hacking games with root rights

Unlike the previous section, this one contains more powerful programs, for which you need root rights.



A well-known program that allows you to make free purchases in offline android games. The application replaces the purchase authorization server and emulates the purchase as a real one. To put it more simply, Freedom creates a virtual card with which you pay for free in applications.


  1. Install and run Freedom.
  2. Press the START button in the settings.
  3. Then open any game and make purchases.
  4. Please note that when purchasing, a small window should open with information about your account, and under the account there should be a card with the name: FreeCard xxx-… – instead of your real card.
  5. After starting Freedom, Google Play may temporarily stop working until you press the STOP button in the settings. When you try to enter the Play Store, the inscription “No connection” will appear. Before uninstalling applications, you must also press the STOP button.




One of the most popular programs for cracking games for numerical values ​​(coins, gold, crystals, etc.). Game Killer works with almost all popular games, except of course online.

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  1. Install and run GameKiller, then minimize it.
  2. We go into the game that needs to be hacked.
  3. Open the game killer by clicking on the key icon in the corner, choose what you want to hack, for example coins: for this, enter the current number of coins in the program search bar.
  4. Now change the quantity, for this you need to perform some action in the application, for example, buy something (in any way, the main thing is that the quantity is not = 0).
  5. Then again we start the search in the game killer by the changed value (for example, you had 100 coins, spent 20 – looking for 80).
  6. As a rule, the program will give you 1-2 results, if everything turned out well, we change them to the ones you need (for example, 9999999).
  7. If the program produces a lot more results, then you will need to repeat steps 4 and 5.


Game CIH


Changes the values ​​of the game currency, analogous to the Game killer, so the instructions are the same.

Process description:

  1. Download and run GameCIH, then minimize it.
  2. Launch the game you want to hack.
  3. You open Game Tsikh, choose what exactly, you want to hack, for example crystals, for this, in the program search, write the current number of crystals.
  4. Now change this number, for this you need to perform any action in the game, for example, buy something (the main thing is that the number is greater than zero).
  5. Then again we turn on the search in GameCIH by the edited value (for example, you had 150 coins, spent 50 – looking for 100)
  6. Usually, the program produces 2-3 results, if this is the case, then we change these numbers to our own (for example, 9999999999).
  7. If there are more results, then repeat steps 4-5.




A universal application to simplify the process in online games by modifying them. XModGames gained popularity mainly due to the games Clash of Cleans and Boom Beach, by installing the plugin you can configure the search for an enemy with the desired amount of resources, as well as activate the “always online” function. XMod app is constantly updated and new mods are added to it.

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Lucky patcher


Android application patcher, with ad clipping and license checking functions. Lucky Patcher can scan and apply patches to change and expand their functionality in your games or applications. Lucky Patcher also has the function of removing the license check, which allows you to run “pirated” versions of applications, ignoring restrictions and protection algorithms. Recently in the patch, it became possible to replace the original Google Play Market with a hacked market.


  1. Making free purchases in games.
  2. Removing license check.
  3. Disable ads.
  4. Saving APK files from installed applications.
  5. Implementation of patches into applications and the system.
  6. Create copies of the APK with the changes made.
  7. Clone applications (to run two copies at the same time).


Game guardian


An application for cracking games by numerical values, with an extended set of filters and the function of speeding up or slowing down games. Game Guardian is analogous to previous hackers, so the instructions and hacking process are exactly the same.


SB Game Hacker


Another game cracker from a Chinese developer that cracks any numerical value or experience. The Game Hacker application is also analogous to the previous ones, so the principle of hacking is the same – you play, get coins, then look for this value through a game hacker and change it to the required one.


Cheat Engine


With this program, you can change almost any parameters of the game, such as the number of coins, crystals or character characteristics. Many users are familiar with the name Cheat Engine, which used to hack PC games. The smartphone version also has a good feature set that rivals most of its counterparts. The application breaks almost any toys installed on your Android device.


QuestionWhat program do you use to hack games? Share your opinion by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page, perhaps your message will be useful and help other users make a choice.

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