TOP-20 Kids Games for Android

Top 20 best help games for Android devices. All the games presented are free and available for download in the Google Play Play Store.

Cover1. PetWorld: animal shelter – a game about funny dogs, affectionate cats, cute rabbits, adorable hamsters and adorable guinea pigs. Care for beautiful horses, funny foals and farm animals: mischievous goats, sheep and piglets await you at the animal shelter.

Look after amazing reptiles like snakes and turtles, and keep an eye on other wild animals, including fish, deer, hedgehogs, cunning foxes, nimble squirrels and colorful parrots.

Cover2. My Talking Tom 2 – new hit from the creators of the game “My Talking Tom”.
In this cool free game, the famous cat Tom embarks on an amazing life adventure. Now Talking Tom is even funnier and more fun than before. He reacts to all the actions of the players, and each new day is full of surprises.

My Talking Tom 2 offers users exclusive monthly subscriptions giving access to additional exclusive gaming functionality as an optional in-app purchase.


Cover3. Boo: The cutest dog – Meet Boo, the most adorable dog in the world. Play with Boo in the park, then tuck a blanket over your furry pet to sleep. Take cool selfies with Boo and upload to your Boo stagram.

Pet Boo is already ready to have fun with the new owner. He needs a lot of love and attention, and what could be more fun than giving his love to this fluffy ball.

Cover4. My Talking Angela Is a virtual pet whose style the whole family can enjoy. You can bathe her, decorate her house and feed her delicious food. Angela can customize her outfit from a variety of fashionable clothing items, including dresses, shoes, and makeup.

Angela has a variety of mini-games to test her skills, reflexes, and puzzle-solving abilities. She can even learn cool dance moves for her favorite songs, no matter what music is playing, ballet, K-pop or disco.


Cover5. Bubbu: my virtual pet – meet your new virtual pet. This is a cute, adorable and sensitive cat who loves to eat delicious food, take selfies, visit friends and dance.

Have fun at his house and discover all the secrets of your pet’s life, he will surely surprise you. Explore the vibrant world of Bubbu in a wide variety of exciting adventures.


Cover6. Baby Panda Care 2 – continuation of the popular game in which you need to be in the role of a nanny and take care of babies. The game will teach you to be more responsible.

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In this game, under your order there will be a very small and yet stupid panda, for which you need to very carefully monitor and show your care and always please the baby panda with your presence.


Cover7. DogHotel – invites you to manage a new kennel, test your dog grooming skills and learn how to succeed in the hotel business for four-legged friends. Take care of any dogs in your care.

You, the young kennel manager, take control of your very own dog hotel. Here you will find dog grooming tasks. You need to make sure that your pets are happy, cared for, well-groomed, and their rooms are clean. If the dogs get hungry, be sure to feed them delicious and healthy dog ​​food of the highest quality.

Cover8. Reanimation Inc. Ambulance Simulator – incredibly realistic and detailed ambulance simulator for android devices. Thanks to this unique simulator, you can try yourself as a medical professional.

An interesting system of medical care training has been prepared for you, divided into several courses, upon completion you will have exams and the first call to the victim.

Cover9. My Boo – Meet Boo, your new virtual pet. Feed him, dress him, train him, bathe and take care of him. Take care of your adorable little Boo and enjoy over a dozen addicting mini-games.

Make your Boo cute and show your friends. Boo is a pet that lives in your hands. Are you ready to meet Baby Boo?


Cover10. My Baby Unicorn 2 – welcome to the magical world of My Baby Unicorn 2! Perfect game for girls and boys who love ponies, virtual pets and surprises.

Doesn’t every child dream of having their own pet unicorn? Now that dream can come true with My Baby Unicorn 2! Hatch a baby unicorn from a magic egg and watch it grow.

Cover11. My Talking Hank – Following the international hit apps My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela, the Talking Tom & Friends franchise, with over 15 billion downloads, introduces a new free app.

Take care of Talking Hank – the cutest puppy ever. He is ready for adventure in the Hawaiian tropics, but he needs your help.


Cover12. Puppy Love – Meet your dream pet, the most adorable puppy ever. Dress up and groom your puppy. Come up with a stylish look for him, feed, pamper and enjoy the mass of interactive play activities in the 3D worlds of the planet of puppies.

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There is nothing cuter than puppy love, especially if your puppy is the adorable and cutest Puppy Planet ever. He needs love and care to grow and blossom. Take care of your new pet to become the happiest dog on the planet.

Cover13. My Virtual Pet Count Is an addicting game for android in which you will have your own puppy. Pug Count is very cute and affectionate. Take care of your pet: feed it, walk it, bathe and play with it.

The players of this casual game will have to take under their supervision and care – a pug. Dogs of this breed are extremely dependent on people and require a lot of grooming. You can play with a pug named Count in various mini-games, which in this game are large. Since this game is designed for players aged three years and older, the authors of the game have made the simplest controls that do not require time to master.

Cover14. Doctor Kids – when a child is sick or injured, coming to the hospital, he needs care to recover sooner. Make an appointment with the little patient, but you should use the interactive mini-game techniques to heal the patient in no time.

The game features different types of injuries and their treatment, using a large number of colorful objects that must match the characteristics of the patients. Each doctor’s office should contain elements of this mini-game to make the treatment more fun.


Cover15. Puppy Palace – Budge Studios presents you a new puppy palace from Strawberry Shortcake. Have you ever dreamed of taking care of a puppy? Now you can make your dream come true helping Strawberry to care for her friends’ precious puppies.

Take care of them, play games with them, dress them up, take a couple of funny berry photos and feed them all possible berry goodies so that they glow with happiness all day long.

Cover16. Children’s doctor: dentist – we present to your attention an exciting game for children – dentist (veterinary clinic). In this entertaining game you are a real dentist with an animal hospital running under his supervision. You have been entrusted with a very important and responsible task – to cure the teeth of four-legged puppies, whose teeth began to hurt badly because of their love for sweets.

You have to treat them in a real dental office, use various medical instruments such as forceps, scalpels, burmashin and many others to clean the teeth of four-legged friends from plaque, straighten them, perform operations, remove caries and fill them.

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Cover17. Caring for your baby – adorable babies are no longer newborns, their mothers and fathers have entrusted you with taking care of them throughout the day. Toddlers play in the interactive playroom and crave your attention. Become an experienced nanny who runs her own daycare at home.

Delight these cute babies with various grooming activities in 7 cute scenes such as fun bathing, foam brushing, changing diapers, trendy clothes, delicious food, beautiful sleep and fun play.


Cover18. My Talking Cat Emma Ballerina – a pet who can talk and dance. Take yourself a little kitten who will grow up and become a ballerina. Help her in all her endeavors, feed her, take care of her and surround her with care. Learn new moves every day and improve your dance to win prizes at festivals and tournaments.

An interesting virtual adventure awaits you, which can become your hobby. It will help you experience the adventure of your beloved Emma, ​​who has long wanted to become a ballerina. Experience the most unique dances, adventures and new movement. The game will take you to a whole new level, full of fun and everything else.

Cover19. Pet Wash – Meet and decorate 7 wonderful pets: a fluffy cat, a loyal dog, a slow turtle, a wonderful rabbit, a crazy parrot, a playful pony and a cute panda.

Small pets love nature, forests and bushes, where they can play hide and seek and catch up. The pets went for a walk with their adorable friends and now they are dirty and sloppy. Help them quickly with beauty treatments.

Cover20. My Baby Care 2 – the game will allow the player to be in kindergarten and take care of the child there. A large number of exciting activities await ahead, during which you can have fun and fantasize. It is common knowledge that children need food and proper care. The user will have to cook food while in a child care facility.

The game contains entertaining puzzles that will train your mental abilities. You will need to search for different elements from the whole picture, or play Sudoku. In addition, there is a selection of other addicting puzzles.


questionWhat kind of assistance simulators for Android do you play? Share your favorite game by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page, perhaps your message will be useful and help other users make a choice.

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