TOP 5 Services for Promotion on Google Play

Hello, in this article we will talk about promoting games and applications to the top of Google Play by purchasing motivated installs (installs). Developing a successful application is not enough to successfully bring an application to market. It needs to be delivered to the target audience. It’s no secret that the more people download your app, the higher it will be in the search. Almost no one scrolls through the list up to 100 positions, therefore, ideally, achieve 1-3 places, because they account for the largest part of installations and views.

How to promote your app

The main ways to promote apps:

  • Motivated traffic – at the initial stage, it is important to attract the first flow of visitors, so at the beginning of the promotion, you can simply buy them.
  • App advertising – there are several options: from advertising tools within the Google Play / App Store to advertising in search engines and social networks. Alternatively, you can advertise your project on our website, we have both paid promotion options and free ones.
  • Application site promotion – Another proven tool is SEO and contextual advertising. If you attach a blog to the site, you can attract users by near-target queries.
  • Advertising with bloggers – Website owners, YouTube celebrities and social media celebrities can help you reach your target audience. The main thing is to choose the right platform for advertising, choose a topic close to yours. If you are looking for where to place your game or application for Android for free, then you can right now add them to our website.
  • Offline advertising – do not forget about the most ancient methods of promotion. Look for locations where your target audience lives and connect PR offline.

Motivated Installations – these are installations of your application or game by other users for a reward, in order to increase positions in the Google Play or App Store search.

This method is intended for “artificial” increase in search positions (cheat) in certain categories. To achieve this, judging by various sources, you need to get as many downloads as possible in a few days.

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It is unlikely that you will be able to find a large number of users who are ready to download your application on your own. Therefore, below we will present you the top 5 best services that provide services for promoting applications with motivated installs.

Where to buy motivated installations (installations)

App2Top1. APP2TOP – One of the most accessible services where you can order installations for your application on Android and iOS. The company is engaged in increasing the number of downloads and promotion in Google Play and App Store search.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Quality – installs from unique users who have never downloaded your app before.
  2. Fraud protection – every phone is tested for bots and emulators to detect fraud.
  3. Price – an affordable price from 3 rubles, which is several times less than that of competitors.
  4. Full control – you can control the entire promotion process in your personal account.
  5. Online statistics – you instantly get information about the number of downloads, users and devices.
  6. Targeting – select the settings of the phones on which you want to install your application.
  7. Support – if you have questions or problems, you can always ask for help.

Go to the official website

advertmobile2. ADVERTMOBILE Is one of the best services for buying motivated installs and effective promotion on Google Play and the App Store with a minimal budget. Having a full range of promotion tools, the AdvertMobile team will analyze and select the best strategy.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Extensive experience – the project has more than 2,000 successful cases for the promotion of mobile applications. Only relevant and advanced advertising methods are used.
  2. Guarantees – you can always be sure of the results of the advertising campaign and the quality of the installs received.
  3. Personal manager – your personal manager is attached to you, who will help resolve any issue.
  4. No intermediaries – all promotion campaigns take place using their own source and platform.
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Go to the official website

wakeapp3. WAKEAPP – Technological mobile marketing agency that has been on the market for over 6 years. The project has a team of 130 experts and its own ASOmaker platform, which allow you to increase organic matter and return on investment in a short time with a guaranteed result.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Automation – traffic optimization technologies maximize return on investment.
  2. Creative – the creative department knows which approaches to attract and engage the target audience.
  3. Anti-fraud – our own anti-fraud system protects customers from fraud and low-quality traffic.
  4. Quality and volumes – due to the accumulated expertise, it generates large volumes of high-quality traffic in a short time.
  5. 24/7 customer support – transparent approach to work, weekly reports and a dedicated manager allow you to provide the highest level of service.

Go to the official website

rocket4app4. ROCKET4APP – the company provides a range of services to support the application from the very stage of development. If an application or game you have developed requires high-quality promotion and a confident start on Google Play and the App Store, then the Rocket4App team is ready to take part in improving your product to get the most out of it.

Features and Benefits:

  1. More than 5 years on the market – has been working since 2012 and already has experience in interacting with app stores.
  2. The best commission is the best distribution of percentages at the publisher. The minimum commission for the purchase of traffic.
  3. Maximum benefit – the principle of work lies in the mutual benefit of partnership. You can order both a simple consultation and apply for full support of the product to the end.

Go to the official website

appbooster5. APPBOOSTER – a team of professionals in the mobile and web development market, mobile marketing. The company has been working in this area since 2013 and has its own automated platform for promoting mobile applications, a partner network and a service to attract motivated installs, and is ready to use all its experience and knowledge to solve the assigned tasks.

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Features and Benefits:

  1. Own source of motivated traffic – allows you to quickly monitor statistics and, if necessary, quickly make adjustments to the course of campaigns.
  2. Constant renewal of the audience – more than 150,000 new users are attracted every month.
  3. Anti-bot and anti-fraud systems – algorithms prevent bots and cheaters from executing, therefore only “live” traffic from unique devices is supplied.
  4. The ability to work on CPA – you can give tasks to users not only for installing and launching applications, but also for subsequent registration, passing a tutorial, reaching a certain level, etc., thereby increasing the effectiveness of promotion.

Go to the official website

How to get free app installs

Mobile app marketing has big budgets today. But, you can optimize your expenses a little and get the first installations of the game or application for free.

This service is paid, but some services make trial installations completely free. At the moment, there is a special offer on one such site: 90 free installations for new applications with less than 100 installations.

To take advantage of the promotion you need:

  1. Register on the site
  2. Add a link to your Android application in the Google Play Play Store.
  3. Go to the “Free installs” section.
  4. Click “Start Company”.
  5. Pay 0 rub. from the internal balance, after which, within a few hours, your application will be installed for free by 90 people and after 1-3 days they will leave several positive reviews and ratings.

questionHow do you get the installations (installations)? Share your opinion by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page, perhaps your message will be useful and help other users make a choice.

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