Top 5 slideshow software for Windows 10 (updated 2020)

While creating digital albums of edited photos is a great way to showcase your stunning images, sometimes you need a little more than an album. With the slideshow maker for Windows 10, you can create dazzling presentations with accompanying animations and music as a way to elevate the way you display your photography. Also, when you create slide shows, you can use them as a way to celebrate events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and academic achievements. However, to get started, you need to know how make a slideshow in Windows 10 and find a slideshow program that is simple and has the features you want. Take a look at our top 5 slideshow makers below.

Fix error configuring Windows updates by reverting changes

This error is related to the Windows update. Please first try the Windows update troubleshooting tool built into Windows, which checks for update errors, compatibility issues and fixes them. This is the first step to troubleshooting any Windows update related issues.

Download the Windows Update Diagnostic Tool

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After downloading the tool Run the tool following the instructions, this will automatically fix your problem.

To use the built-in troubleshooting tool, follow the steps

First open the control panel In view by small icon, find Troubleshooting and click on it. Now in the troubleshooting window, click on See all in the left pane. This will open the list of built-in tools.Scroll down, find the Windows Update troubleshooting tool. We are going to fix Windows update related issues, so now click on Windows update. This will open the Windows update troubleshooting and help prevent the computer problems window.

Here click on Advanced and check Apply repairs automatically. When you click on the windows below, it will check for errors if any problem or error is found, this will try to fix it.

when this is done just reboot your system. check fixed issue if you still face same issue try next troubleshooting step

Disable Microsoft services

This is another solution that many users have found to be quite effective.

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Open a Run command window by pressing Windows Key + R or clicking Start and typing Run in the search box. Here in Run, type msconfig.exe and press Enter. The system configuration window will open. Here go to the Services tab.

First check Hide all Microsoft services at the bottom of the list. Now click on Disable All and proceed with this command.

Restart your computer and try reinstalling the updates.

Delete Windows update cache

Sometimes the corrupt Windows update cache can be the cause of the update installation. And clearing the Windows update cache may work for you. Here fallow down to do this

Open a Run command window (Windows key + R). Type services.exe and press Enter. In Windows services Scroll through the list of services and search for Windows Update.

Double-click the service, then click Stop> OK in the pop-up window. Also look in the list for the Smart Background Service and stop it in the same way.

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Now go to C:> Windows> Software Distribution> DataStore and to C:> Windows> Software Distribution> Downloads

Delete everything in these folders. It may ask for administrator permission. Give him.
Now again Go back to the services window and restart Windows Update and the Background Smart Service. Just restart Windows and reinstall your updates.

Using the Microsoft DISM command line utility

You still cannot fix the problem Run the Microsoft Deployment Image Servicing and Management Tool (DISM). Then try installing the Windows updates again.

Open / Run command prompt as administrator
Enter the following commands.

DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / Scanhealth (Note: this command takes at least 20-30 minutes to complete)


DISM.exe / Online / Image Cleanup / Restorehealth


Here are some of the best working solutions to fix Windows 10 Update installation error when configuring Windows updates to roll back changes. Have a query or a new way to fix this problem. Feel free to comment below.
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