TOP 50 Best Android Games for Girls

On this page you can free download Top 50 best games for girls on Android devices. All presented games are free and available for download in the Google Play Play Store. In the rating we tried to include all genres and categories of applications that girls of different ages like. In the selection you will find such popular types of games as: dress up, hairstyles and makeup, cooking, coloring, etc.

Best games for girls on Android

Cinderella - dress up for girls

1. Cinderella: dress up for girls – at the moment one of the most popular games for girls, in which you can dress your Cinderella in the best outfits. The game is completely free, you do not need to buy anything. In the story, Cinderella goes to a ball, where she will meet a handsome prince. You have to choose hairstyles, dresses, handbags and shoes so that the prince falls in love with Cinderella and wants to marry her.

Coloring pages for girls

2. Coloring pages for girls – a cool game for those who love games for girls and coloring books. The game turned out to be a really interesting, colorful and diverse game for little girls from 3 years old. You will find more than 60 models for coloring, as well as 80 different stickers for decorating your models.

Girls' Dress Up College

3. College Dress up for girls – an exciting dress-up game about college and school in Russian language. You have to dress girls in the best and most fashionable outfits. At your disposal more than 240 items and 14 categories of clothing, which are given absolutely free of charge, you do not need to buy anything.

Game supermarket for girls

4. Supermarket game for girls – this application contains many mini-games for girls, the events of which take place in one supermarket. For example, you can change the cashier’s clothes, decorate and pack cakes, place products on shelves, clean the warehouse and much more. In addition, in the supermarket you can play as a buyer and buy products for a birthday or new year.

Supermodel Magazine

5. Supermodel Magazine – If you are a creative fashionista who loves games for girls, then this app is for you. With this game you will plunge into the world of stylish dresses and things for beautiful girls. Take the choice of outfits with all seriousness, because you have to walk in them on the pline and appear in front of the camera lens.

Masha and the Bear

6. Masha and the Bear: Games for Children – in the game you will find 13 wonderful girly mini-games. These are the best educational puzzles for girls and boys, based on the cartoon for children “Masha and the Bear”. Masha and the Bear is not just a set of 13 mini-games, but a whole educational collection that helps children count, develop attention, intelligence and visual memory. The game is suitable for children from 2 to 9 years, and the interface of the game is intuitive for all ages.

Games for girls dress up

7. Games for girls dress up – another popular game for girls, in which you need to dress the princess in the most beautiful dresses and accessories. Choose from 12 princesses and more than 100 items. It is worth noting that all dresses, skirts, handbags, shoes, gloves and other clothes are completely free.

Eggs with a surprise: Game for girls FOR FREE

8. Eggs with a surprise – a simple and exciting game for children and adults, in which each open Kinder Surprise will bring you not only joy and good mood, but also a beautiful toy. The rules of the game are very simple, it is necessary: choose a chocolate egg with a surprise, remove the wrapper with a finger press and eat chocolate, then open the box with your finger and get your toy.

Sweet Paradise Kraft. Game for girls

9. Sweet Paradise Craft – perhaps the best game in the style of “Kraft” for girls from 5 years. Build and create your fabulous unique world of sweets and chocolate, in which you can even have a boyfriend, build a house with him and start a family. Immerse yourself in the world of pixel sweets and interesting adventures.


10. Doll’s House is another exciting game for girls in Russian language, in which you can build and decorate your own house for a doll. Fashion, design and creativity are all in one game. Little ponies and unicorns can become your friends. Become a glamorous fashion designer for your dolls.

Masha and the Bear: Cleaning the House

11. Masha and the Bear: Cleaning the House is a colorful and exciting game for girls from 2 years old, which will not leave anyone indifferent. The game has many locations in which you can meet all the heroes of your favorite cartoon, and educational mini-games will help develop the attentiveness of the baby. The game has simple and intuitive controls, is completely free and works even without the Internet.

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12. Supermarket – a game for girls from 9 to 12 years old who love shopping. Explore the world of the supermarket with the help of many interesting mini-games. You will visit many departments of the store: cashier, grocery department, cheese and sausage, fruits and vegetables, sweets, as well as toys, waste processing department and much more. Complete all the necessary tasks, help customers with purchases, provide your customers with great services that meet their needs and just have fun.

Crafting and building girls

13. Crafting and building girls – a new free construction game for girls with elements of crafting. At your disposal is a huge set of all kinds of blocks that can be used to build a house, a city or the whole world.

Cooking in the kitchen

14. Cooking in the kitchen is a great offline kitchen simulator in which you will have several recipes and cooking options. You can choose what to bake: french fries and hamburgers, donuts, soup, spaghetti with meatballs, sushi, pizza, cakes and cocktails. Most dishes can be decorated with various fillings or toys.

Coloring book for children

15. Coloring book for children: princesses – start coloring books right now. Enjoy photos of princesses, mermaids, unicorns and other fairytale creatures from fairy tales. Coloring book for young girls from 6 to 10 years old will help to relax and feel like an artist. The app can be downloaded for free on Google Play in Russian language.

Nerdy Girl 2! Games for girls

16. Nerdy Girl 2 – in this game you play a girl Hannah (Hannah), a typical cusmish from high school, who just met the most popular guy at school Scott. Your task is to help the girl become the most beautiful and go on a date with her beloved.

Dress Up - Games for Girls Free

17. Dress up – we present a new offline game for all girls who love clothes and beauty salons, with an incredibly large wardrobe of clothes. Dress glamorous models for 6 different occasions: prom, shopping, wedding, beauty contest, concert and awarding movie stars.

Rich Girls

18. Rich girls: Crazy shopping is another dress up for girls from 10 years old with a sense of fashion and style about rich beauties. Dress 6 girls in different outfits, make stylish hairstyles and pick up fashion accessories. The game is in Russian language and works without the Internet.

Pony Craft: a game for girls

19. Pony Craft is a fascinating toy for girls with small pixel horses living in their own world. Use your imagination and build a unique fairy-tale world with the help of blocks. Build a house for your pet, plunge into the magical world and make friends with cute virtual animals living in it. In the game you can ride, fly ponies, collect resources and build all sorts of buildings, using blocks.

Barboskins: Cooking for Girls

20. Barboskins: Cooking Food – favorite cartoon characters Barboskins now on Android. You are waiting for interesting and diverse girly games, recipes for dishes that you will cook yourself. In the game you will learn how to cook cakes, cookies, ice cream, eclairs, jam and other sweets. Prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire Barboskin family, who rely on you and your recipes.

Yoga girls makeup

21. Yoga girls makeup: Fitness salon is a good women’s game for girls from 7 years old who love to do yoga and makeup. Follow the diet, exercise, take care of the skin, and dress in any clothes to become the perfect girl.

Unicorns Dress Up

22. Unicorns Dress up for girls – in this exciting game about unicorns you can dress eight magic horses in various outfits. All unicorns differ in color and character, so everyone needs their own clothes, more than 180 items are available to choose from. A good toy for all girls from 4 years old who like horses and other animals.

Sweet makeup - Beauty salon

23. Sweet Makeup: Beauty salon is a popular makeup game for girls, with over 10 million installations on Google Play. You have to make your visitors even more beautiful thanks to makeup from sweets. The application is ideal for little beauties from 7 to 11 years.

Doctor of the Hand

24. Hand Doctor – “doctor of the hand” is a fun way to develop fine motor skills, visual perception and coordination of hands and eyes, with the help of a game of doctors and surgery. Free game for those who love educational games and want to become a doctor. Choose one of 4 patients and treat them with the doctor’s tools, making injections, x-rays, applying bandages, plaster. Fight bacteria and germs, patches and bandages and more.

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Beauty parlour

25. Beauty salon: games for girls – it’s no secret that women want to be beautiful and spend a lot of time for this in beauty salons. Of course, you are a very beautiful girl and know many beauty secrets that help you every day. Test your skills and prove to everyone that you are a real stylist and hairdresser and know how to achieve beauty.

Nail salon

26. Nail salon: princesses – the game is dedicated to the beauty of girls who are attentive to their appearance, namely to their nails. With this game you will get at your disposal your own beauty salon and will be able to help other girls make beautiful nails. We are sure that you have many skills that will help you make the best salon in the city.

The Little Mermaid Dress Up

27. Little Mermaid dress up for girls – another new free dress-up game for Android for girls from 5 years. If you love girly dress up and dream of becoming a designer, then create your own beauty salon where you can dress underwater princesses, fairies and mermaids. The game has 4 different mermaid princesses and one of 4 colorful underwater backgrounds. Create your own unique style of more than 250 items to choose from.

Face Paint: Dressed Games

28. Face Paint – gives you the opportunity to create beautiful and not ordinary makeup on the faces of different models of superstars. Become a style expert and help girls apply makeup and put on funny costumes for a big party.

Girls Blocks: Exploration Saga

29. Girls Blocks – discover a fairy-tale world with beautiful Elsa and plunge into the world of fantasy and magic in the style of “MineCraft”. Explore and travel in search of new places, meet new friends including Rapunzel, Jasmine, Ariel and other cartoon heroines. Create and equip your dream home or a large castle for princesses.

Hip-hop battle

30. Hip-hop battle: girls VS guys – a dance duel in which guys and girls will come together. Recruit cool dancers to the team and show the boys that jokes are bad with you. You can dance to choose from in a team of boys or in a team of girls.

Puzzles for girls

31. Children’s puzzles for girls – the best children’s puzzles for girls with colorful pictures on different topics. Puzzles for girls are ideal for a child from 4 to 9 years old as an educational and educational game for Android smartphones and tablets.

 Tooth Fairy Princess Cleaning

32. Tooth Fairy is an adventure game that helps a child grow up healthy. Thanks to the beautiful and bright graphics, brushing your teeth will turn into a fun and exciting activity. Brush your teeth every day and then your smile will always be healthy and snow-white.

 The Adventures of a Flying Girl

33. The Adventures of a Flying Girl is a free role-playing game for Android devices in which you will play as a beautiful girl who needs to get to a fairy-tale castle. As the game progresses, collect coins and wings to fly across rivers and compete with each other.

Princess Sofia : Cooking Games for Girls

34. Princess Sofia is one of the best games for cooking in Russian language on Google Play, with which you will learn how to make various snacks, sweet donuts, sweets, hamburgers, delicious milkshakes and other foods.

Cinderella, for girls free

35. Cinderella is a famous fairy tale about Cinderella now in a mobile phone. Unlike most other games about Cinderella, this game has a bias precisely on developing logical tasks and exercises, performing which you will develop your memory, logic and attention.

Princess coloring book

36. Princess coloring book – super coloring book for girls from 8 to 11 years old in English. All the drawings in the application, of which there are more than 100, have a fabulous theme: princesses, mermaids, unicorns, ponies, dragons and so on.

Girl on top - Flight attendant

37. Girl at altitude: Flight attendant – get ready, with this simulation game you will become the best flight attendant who has ever climbed aboard an airplane. According to the plot of the developers, you have to take care that passengers feel comfortable.

Real piano for girls

38. Real piano for girls – a real piano simulator created specifically for girls. Pink Piano application allows everyone to learn to play the piano for free using their smartphones or Android tablet.

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High School Girl's Girlfriends - Dress Up & Makeup

39. Girlfriends Of a high school girl – a new toy about fashion and style, in which you can not only dress, but also paint dolls, and two at once on one screen. Functionality supports: choice of skin color, cosmetics, hairstyles, clothes, shoes and accessories. It is worth noting that at your disposal more than 400 items and all of them are absolutely free.

 Dress Up Wedding Models

40. Dress Up Wedding Model – wedding an important event in the life of any girl, and with the help of this dress up game you can visit a real holiday and experience bright emotions on yourself. You are waiting for 4 charming models that have a beautiful appearance, a perfect figure and beautiful hairstyles. You will be able to dress them in the best wedding dresses to your taste, which will be appreciated by all bridesmaids.

Equestria Girls

41. Equestria Girls – a beautiful arcade game for girls from 6 to 13 years old, dedicated to the animated series “My Little Pony”, will not leave you indifferent. According to the plot, the girl gets into a magical school, in which she has to find new friends, learn how to take beautiful photographs, perform tasks to search for items, collect coins to buy new clothes and much more.

Snow White games for girls

42. Snow White – the game is based on the fairy tale “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, but the gameplay of the story includes educational games for children 7-9 years old. Helping Snow White overcome obstacles (get out of the forest maze, solve Sudoku, find excess and other puzzles), you will simultaneously improve and develop logic, memory and attention.

Make sweet cookies for girls

43. Cook Sweet: Cookies for Girl – the best cooking game for children, with which you will learn how to bake delicious cookies, sweets, cakes and other sweets. For cooking, you will have to mix various ingredients, cut through the molds of animals, and then decorate them with colorful decorations.

 Wedding party

44. Wedding party – the game has collected all the best that contain free games for girls in Google Play. Wedding stir from Hippo combined three entertainments at once: interesting dress up, fashionable makeup and a fun wedding party.

Sweet Baby Girl Daycare 5 - Newborn Nanny Helper

45. Sweet Baby Girl Daycare 5 (Newborn Nanny Assistant) – You will not be an easy task, babysitting 6 cute kids in your own kindergarten. Take care of little girls and boys, become a super babysitter and enjoy spending time with your new little friends.

Unicorn Runner 3D - Horse Run

46. Unicorn Runner 3D – super girly toy in the style of “Runner”, in which you need to control a funny unicorn. The game is very easy to manage, has juicy graphics and soundtrack, so it will appeal to girls of all ages.


47. Luntik: Children’s games – new educational mini-games with Luntik and his friends will suit boys and girls up to 8 years. At the beginning, 3 mini-games are available, for each completed task you will receive 10 coins. In order to open level 4, you need to collect 100 coins, 5 – 150 coins, 6 – 200 coins, 7 – 300 coins, etc. All mini-games contain a large number of favorite friends from the cartoon Luntik.

Anime Dress Up

48. Anime Dress up for girls – be sure to appeal to little fans of cartoons “Anime” and graphics in the style of manga. In this game about virtual Japanese schoolgirls you can dress 6 girls. At your disposal is 1 of 4 backgrounds, as well as 200 items of clothing, accessories and jewelry.

My RockStar Girls - Band Party

49. My RockStar Girls – a game for girls who dream of becoming a real rock star and conquer the stage. Show that you have talent and create your own super show. Gather your musical group, achieve fame and become a superstar.

Fairy Patrol

50. Fairy Patrol: Cafe – in the game you have to manage a real fairy-tale café, together with your favorite heroes of the Fairy Patrol. Improve it, maintain comfort and order in it, open new recipes and create your own specialties. Perform exciting tasks to restore order in the café “Lukomorye”.


And what is your favorite game for girls? Share your opinion, leaving a comment at the bottom of the page, perhaps your message will be useful and help to decide on the choice of other girls.

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