TOP 50 Best Strategies for Android

If you like to play strategy and decided to find something new on your Android, then you have got where you need. On this page, we have collected the most popular strategy for devices running on Android OC. And for those who have not yet played strategy games, we have prepared a small introduction in which we will tell you what kind of games they are and what types of strategies there are.


There are several types of strategies that are divided by the type and scale of the gameplay.

Types of strategies

According to the scheme of the gameplay, strategies are divided into several types:

  1. Real-time strategy – players perform their actions simultaneously.
  2. Turn-based strategies – players take turns doing their thing.
  3. Economic simulators – the player needs to develop the economy of his city, military actions in this type of strategy are absent.
  4. MOBA – the genre combines two categories – real-time strategy and role-playing games. During the game, two teams of gamers fight against each other, where each controls his character.

Also, the strategies can be divided according to the scale of the gameplay into:

  1. Wargames – unlike classic strategies, where you need to create and develop your army, the player must defeat the enemy using the troops that he already has at his disposal.
  2. Global strategies – the player controls the state, civilization, universe, etc.
  3. Simulators of the god – the player controls the development of objects and characters in the role of the creator, freely and without restrictions developing the ward society.

Almost all of the above types of strategies can be both online and offline (working without the Internet), but as a rule, the quality and functionality of such games is significantly inferior to games that require access to the network.

Android Strategies

We present to your attention a selection of the 50 best strategies for Android in 2018, which can be downloaded in the Google Play play market for free and in Russian language.

Art of War 3: PvP RTS strategy - war game

1. Art of War 3 – a unique military strategy in Russian language for those who are tired of the same type of clones. You have to think like a strategist and make difficult decisions.

World War II: Real-Time Strategy

2. World War II – in this game you have to go through many battles based on real events. All missions are arranged in chronological order, starting with the summer battles for Ukraine and Belarus, then the battle for Moscow, the defense of Leningrad, and ending with the capture of Berlin.

Rise of Civilizations

3. Rise of Civilizations – you are waiting for real wars in real time, 8 civilizations and 27 unique heroes. All actions take place on one large map inhabited by players and non-player characters.

Zombies in the city: strategy and survival

4. Zombies in the city – start the battle for survival in the best network strategy in the style of survival. Find the last people and fight with them against the dead who flooded the city. Build fortifications to protect your camp from an army of looters, and reveal the secrets of the apocalypse.

Boom Beach

5. Boom Beach – welcome to the legendary online strategy boom Beach. Fight against the guardians of darkness in an epic military-strategy game. Attack enemy bases, defeat all buildings and free prisoners. Gather gamers from all over the world in your operational group to fight enemies together.

 CITADELS Epic Strategy, War of Castles

6. CITADELS – adventure PVP strategy with the original combat mechanics of the game. The variety of gameplay will not let you get bored: construction, wars, attack castles and defense of towers, various battles, missions and expeditions and much more.

Grow Empire: Rome

7. Grow Empire: Rome is an exciting offline strategy for Russian that does not require Access to the Internet. The game combines tower defense (TD) with elements of role-playing game (RPG). You are the leader of the Roman Empire, your goal is to defeat other civilizations with the help of an army consisting of Roman soldiers, siege machines, heroes and barbarian mercenaries.

Forge of Empires

8. Forge of Empires – take power over the city and become the leader of your state. Manage it, explore new technologies, expand your boundaries and become the hero of the story. Fight against other players and show yourself as a wise strategist and successful warlord.

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Asterix and Friends

9. Asterix and Friends – create your own Gallic village and fight against the Roman Empire. Join forces with friends and create powerful guilds to smash enemy legions.

Kingdom Rush

10. Kingdom Rush – popular fantasy action strategy is now available for Android devices. Get ready for adventures in which you have to defend your castle from hordes of orcs, trolls, evil sorcerers and other creatures. Fight monsters and change the location of towers to save your kingdom from dark forces.

Dawn of Titans

11. Dawn of Titans – epic strategy in the genre of action for mobile devices with beautiful graphics. Gather an army of titans and thousands of warriors and control them on the battlefield to win victories in fierce battles. Capture enemy lands, increase your army and fight – in the game “Dawn of the Titans”.

Battle of the Throne

12. Battle for the Throne is a modern high-quality toy in the genre of MMORPG online, with more than 27 million installations on Google Play. In this game you will become the king, and will fight for the throne with numerous enemies. Develop your kingdom, strengthen the walls of the castle, gather a powerful army, and send it to capture enemy territories. You can join forces with friends and create invincible alliances and defeat all enemies.

Toy Defense 2: Soldiers

13. Toy Defense 2: Soldiers – an exciting game in the style of Tower Defense (in English – Tower Defense). Take part in high-profile battles, command military equipment of the mid-19th century and train strategic skills.

Zombie Battle

14. Zombie Battle is an exciting mixture of strategy and dynamic battles in the MMO RTS genre. Create an army of zombies, make sets of secret weapons and join clans. Attack opponents and take away their resources.

The World on Fire

15. The world on fire is a free military MMO simulator with excellent graphics and animation, the battles of which cover all areas of battles, from tanks and robots, to aircraft and submarines! Create your army, plan a battle strategy and lead your troops into the attack.


16. DomiNations – you have to create a thriving civilization and lead it through the history of mankind, from the Stone Age to the cosmic. Build a unique settlement and lead its inhabitants from antiquity to the modern era. Fight against other players from all over the world, attack enemy civilizations and plunder resources.

Clash of Clans

17. Clash of Clans is a free strategy game for Android, created by the Finnish development studio Supercell. Join millions of players around the world, build your village, develop your clan and compete in epic wars with other players. Destroy your enemies and lead your clan to victory. Immerse yourself in the world of Clash of Clans.

Jungle Heat

16. Jungle Heat: War of Clans – cross-platform strategy in military style, which can be played on any device for free. Your task is to seize natural resources in the form of oil and gold and keep it for yourself. Strengthen the walls, hire troops – and in battle!

Castle Clash

17. Castle Clash – in the game you will find a combination of strategy elements with epic fights. Gather the strongest heroes and lead an army of mythical creatures for a harsh and powerful battle. Test your strength by fighting in dungeons, fights, arenas and other game modes, along with 100 million other players from around the world.

Star Wars

18. Star Wars: Invasion – it’s time to conquer the galaxy, along with millions of players around the globe. Enter the war, lead the army and lead your troops to victory. Train your army, capture and defend new territories. On each side you will have your allies and enemies. Now the outcome of this war depends only on you. Which side do you choose?

Vikings: War of Clans

19. Vikings: War of Clans – welcome to the cruel world of the Vikings. Excellent graphics, an interesting plot and large-scale battles will drag you into the game for many hours. You have to become the leader of a large army and lead your troops to victory. Build buildings, take part in combat campaigns, train warriors and replenish the treasury to prove that you are the best conqueror among millions of other players.


20. Megapolis – build your own city. We present to your attention a free economic construction strategy based on the laws of the market. Build new houses and buildings, expand the territory, get resources, the fate of the city is in your hands.

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Clash of Kings

21. Clash of Kings – online role-playing game clash of Kings will immerse you in the fascinating world of medieval wars in PVP mode. CoK is a cool online MMORPG strategy game in real time. Build a strong castle, fight enemy kingdoms, take part in battles, try your hand against other players from all over the world and win.

Zombie Defense

22. Zombie Defense is a hybrid of classic real-time strategy and tower defense. Hire fighters, stir them in positions, and fight off zombies. The perfect combination of strategy, tactics and micro control. Earn money in missions and spend it buying technology, upgrades, weapons, etc.

1941 ice front

23. 1941 ice front – witness the shocking battles of the Second World War in the new free simulator from the company HandyGames. You can choose to lead German troops in an offensive to the East or to defend your homeland on the side of the Soviet Union.

Toy Defense Fantasy

24. Toy Defense Fantasy – a very popular worldwide series of games in the genre of “Soldiers: defense of towers”. In 2018, the game received a Google Play 2018 Editor’s Choice in the Tower Defense Strategy category. Plunge into a whole new world with brave warriors, accurate archers, evil goblins and frightening dragons.

Conquest of Rome

25. Conquest of Rome – an exciting social and strategic game in which you have to become the ruler of the Roman Empire, build an ideal city and create a powerful army. Defend your territories from strangers and defeat all enemies.

King of the Hill

26. King of the Hill is a fascinating project from the category of strategy without the Internet and offline strategy. The game is a simulator of street combat – wall to wall. The goal is to defeat all opponents and capture enemy territory. In the process, you can pump your hero and strengthen his skills.


27. Evolution: Battle for Utopia – 3 in 1: Action, RPG and strategy in one online game. Evolution received the title of “Editor’s Choice” in 2015 and fell into the category “Best” in 2014.


28. Conquerors: The Battle for the Crown is a grand strategy set during the existence of historical Arabia. According to the scenario, you need to build and improve your base, collect heroes, train the army and conquer the provinces. With each new victory you will be closer to conquering the world.

Clash of Lords 2

29. Clash of Lords 2: Battle of Legends is a cult strategy game popular all over the world. More than 40 available heroes, more than 10 battle modes, including PvE and PvP, during the battle you can control the actions of your heroes, success depends only on you, become a new legend.

Game of War

30. Game of War – Fire Age is another shareware interactive strategy game in the role-playing genre. Everything is as usual: develop your empire, pump the hero and troops, make weapons, join an alliance and attack together with friends in real time.

Battle for the Galaxy

31. Battle for the Galaxy – an exciting strategy with exciting battles. Make a powerful army and join the league. Destroy enemies and get medals and valuable resources. Excellent graphics, more than 20 types of buildings, many different characters, all this and much more – for free.

Stick War

32. Stick War: Legacy is a fairly popular rating game, now available for Android mobile devices. Fascinating cartoon and exciting toy with warriors like sticks. Control your entire army or one individual fighter at once. Train soldiers, get gold, destroy enemies and conquer all the lands.


33. Stormfall: Rise of Balur – multiplayer strategy, which takes place in the world of medieval fantasy with stunning graphics and exciting gameplay. Build your personal castle, train your army and defeat the forces of ancient Chaos.

Mafia City

34. Mafia City is a real strategy mobile game, with millions of players around the globe. You are waiting: clans, robberies, shootings and the struggle for the place of the king of the mafia. Fight for power and influence in the criminal world.

Iron Desert

35. Iron Desert : Fire Storm – we present you a new free cross-platform strategy from the company You will find your own military camp, with modern military equipment, for battles for resources. Team up with other players, join a clan or create your own, participate in PvP battles and much more.

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War and Magic

36. War and Magic is a free online MMORPG war game that combines real-time modes and turn-based tactics, which already has more than 4 million players. In the story, you control an entire city and periodically fight with other lords.

Defense Zone

37. Defense Zone: Original – high-quality strategy like “Defense zone”, with deep gameplay and beautiful graphics. The point of the game is to deter the enemy with the help of defensive towers. With each new level there are new types of defense. The variety of types of towers and terrain gives freedom in the choice of defense tactics. Weapons differ in striking effect, speed and range of fire, as well as the strength of destruction.

King of Avalon: Battle of the Dragons

38. King of Avalon – online military strategy. Build buildings, defensive towers and build up an army. Choose a strategy: attack alone or trade with allies and attack enemies together. Find friends from all over the world in the game and gather with them in one alliance.

Defense Zone 3

39. Defense Zone 3 HD is a sequel to the popular action strategy, with new weapons, a landscape of maps and many new features. The meaning remains the same: the armies of enemies are eager to break through the defenses, your goal is to repel all attacks.

Clash Royale

40. Clash Royale – multiplayer game in real time, from the developers of the legendary Clash of Clans. Collect and upgrade dozens of cards with characters, spells and towers from your favorite Klesh of Maples.

The Age of Sparta

41. The Era of Sparta – meet a global strategy with a unique combat system and thousands of players, from Gameloft – the creators of Asphalt 8 and other iconic masterpieces.

Game of Thrones Conquest

42. Game of Thrones – a game for fans of the series “Game of Thrones”, become a lord of Westeros, create your fortress and join the battle for the crown. You can meet the characters of the cult HBO – Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Petyr Baelish, Cersei Lannister, etc. You have to capture more than 120 famous thrones, including Winterfell, Black Castle, Dragonstone and King’s Landing.

Lords Mobile

43. Lords Mobile: War of the Kingdoms is a tactical multiplayer RPG in Russian language. Prove that you are the greatest conqueror in history. Explore territories, conquer enemy lands and fight against other gamers in MMO strategy.

Little Commander

44. Little Commander: WWII TD is a beautiful game in the genre of “Tower Defense”, which can easily be played even by a beginner. The game is a good simulator in which you need to independently decide how and where to put the line of defense.

- 2020: My Strana

45. 2020: My Country is a continuation of the offline hit “My Country”, the audience of which has more than 20 million. As before, the process is centered around the daily needs of city dwellers. The game can be played without the Internet.

War Commander

46. War Commander – another good exciting war game in the genre of multiplayer strategy with colorful 3D graphics. The creators really tried, the battles look exciting and dynamic.

The Walking Dead: No Man's Land

47. The Walking Dead – join the fight against zombies, in an exciting role-playing game that requires tactical decisions. Pick up your team and find out whether you will be able to survive in the zombie apocalypse.

Terminator Genisys

48. Terminator Genisys – mobile free-to-play MMO strategy in which humanity is at war with machines. Take part in battles, attack enemies, strengthen the base and lead your Clan to victory. In the game, you can choose which side to play, for resistance or skynet. Whose side are you on?

LEGO Creator Islands

49. LEGO® Creator Islands – fun, colorful, free simulator for boys and girls. Explore and build on different islands with LEGO Creator, create your own LEGO world. You will be able to collect from Lego: houses, cars, planes, boats, etc.

Transformers: Earth Wars

50. Transformers – join millions of other players in the battle for planet Earth. Choose the side of the Autobots or Decepticons and gather a personal team of Transformers. In the game you will meet more than 100 unique characters with a certain skill.


And what strategies for Android do you play? Share your favorite game, leaving a comment at the bottom of the page, perhaps your message will be useful and help to determine the choice of other users.

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