Top 7 iTunes Alternatives to Sync iPhone to Windows 10

IPhones they are available with any other user these days, however, Macs are not. There are many users who have a iPhone and one Windows PC. And obviously you need to sync your devices to transfer various files etc. Synchronization is a basic need for every person,

Sync up its iPhone with Windows 10 it can be a difficult task if you are using iTunes. Simply put, iTunes just isn’t compatible with Windows as much as it is with Mac. But what if you need to sync your iPhone to your Windows 10 PC without iTunes ?

Read on to discover the best iTunes alternatives!

Top 7 iTunes Alternatives to Sync iPhone to Windows

In this article, we have listed the 7 best alternatives to iTunes that you can use for sync your iPhone with Windows . These products are the best on the market and they will definitely do their job. Let us begin!

1. DearMob iPhone Manager

The IPhone DearMob Manager is the site in the upper part from our list of products that help you sync your iPhone to Windows easily and smoothly .

Let’s see the features main that DearMob iPhone Manager can provide you with:

  • You can click once and sync up all your files iPhone to its Windows 10 PC, without data loss. The interface, speed and the functioning of this software are much better than those of iTunes.
  • May select the files you want transfer, as desired, along with the backup of all the data on your iPhone.
  • It also has file encryption , so you can easily password protect the files you want, such as photos, videos, etc.
  • DearMob iPhone Manager does not have a link to iTunes or any of its components, it will manage all support on its own. However, other apps listed below will require you to install Apple Application Support to access files on your iPhone, which can be tedious.
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We highly recommend using DearMob iPhone Manager as it is a user’s favorite software that features an easy-to-use interface with a feature-packed back-end. Also, read more about Data security with DearMob .

2. iMazing

iMazing is a great tool that allows you transfer your files from any apple device to you Windows 10 PC. With this tool too, you don’t have to use iTunes. In fact, you can use it instead of iTunes on a Mac. You can rip your music back and forth without the hassle of iTunes syncing and export your pictures while backing up your data.

This software is definitely a great replacement for iTunes for Windows and makes it very easy sync your iPhone with Windows 10. Get iMazing .

3. SynciOS

SynciOS is a free iTunes alternative that provides an easy way to transfer files to and from iOS . Its Mobile Manager tool makes syncing your files from iPhone and Windows 10 extremely convenient.

It is definitely a great iTunes alternative for your Windows 10 PC .

With data recovery, iTunes library sync and options easy backup , may to download SynciOS here .

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4. iMyFone

iMyFone it is software that comes with the complete package. While it acts as a alternative professional to iTunes to sync your iPhone with PC , provides tons of features that improve your PC management, such as data backup , iOS repair tool , LockWiper and much more. TunesMate on iMyFone will allows you to export your files to Windows, and if you want, you can also use Data Recovery in iMyFone to recover your data in case of loss.

You also don’t have to worry about losing any data on iTunes. Definitely worth a try, iMyFone It has been highly rated by experts. Check it here .

5. Copytrans

Copytrans is an application simple but very popular used for transfer data to and from iOS devices and your PC . Can transfer music, photos, contacts and more.

Data backup is also possible, including all data related to your music such as illustrations, albums, etc. It is completely free and one of the best alternatives for iTunes if you want to sync your iPhone with Windows 10 PC. Get Copytrans for Windows 10.

6. Musicbee

Musicbee is a powerful music manager what can you use for sync your music from iPhone to Windows. However, synchronization will require support from iTunes and you will need to keep it using a file XML . This can be a tedious process for some users. However, if you try Musicbee, It won’t disappoint you when it comes to music.

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With tons of podcasts and support for SoundCloud, Putting a little work into it might not be the worst idea. However, we still recommend using other free apps like Alternatives for iTunes to sync your iPhone with Windows 10 .

7. AnyTrans

Anytrans is a useful tool that can handle all your synchronization needs between iOS, Windows and Cloud . With a design minimalist , you can easily transfer and sync files from iPhone to Windows PC.

It is one of the better alternatives to iTunes for Windows that you can hold in your hands. The application quick and fluent him it will provide a clean admin experience, which much software loses by trying to include more and more features. Provides extremely fast connectivity and transfer.

List of the best alternatives to iTunes

Here is a list of the products mentioned above that are the best alternatives to iTunes that you can use for sync up easily your iPhone with a Windows 10 PC :

  1. DearMob iPhone Manager
  2. iMazing
  3. SynciOS
  4. iMyFone
  5. Copytrans
  6. Musicbee
  7. AnyTrans

You can use any of these programs to easily sync your iPhone!

Final verdict

We hope that by reading this article you have been able to choose the best iTunes alternative that suits your needs and easily helps you to sync up its iPhone with a Windows PC. If you have any queries regarding the Software mentioned above, you can send us a comment below and we will respond with a relevant answer.

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