Total identified Windows installations: 0 [100% FIX]

The bad side of any operating system is when the random errors appear without any prior notification. In that case, the user couldn’t find time to figure out what to do. The problem increases when we face the same condition during the boot of our computer. It is one of the errors that appears while the computer is starting. The user is very disappointed, as it is very difficult to correct the error, while he cannot continue when the error “total identified Windows installations 0” appears. Many users complain that they do not even understand how to fix this, even if the error appears during computer startup.

It is very true that we cannot even use our mental presence until the windows are properly opened. But actually it is very easy to handle such situations. You just need to follow any of the given methods to fix the error and your windows will work properly. Before going through the methods, we must learn about the possible causes. Once you know how and why this error appears, it can be easy to choose the method and correct it. Also, after knowing the root cause, a user should be prepared with the methods so that the user cannot feel helpless.

Causes of this error

Cause 1: BCD is missing or damaged

This is the most common cause of the “Total Windows Installations Identified 0” error. It is due to disk write errors, power outages, boot sector viruses, or mistakes made while setting the BCD manually.

Cause 2: file system integrity compromised

This could happen when the user shuts down the computer while writing some crucial data to the boot sector. This causes the system file to get damaged or corrupted itself and thus it came up with a “total identified Windows installations 0” error.

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How to Repair Total Identified Installations of Windows 0 Error

There are 2 ways to solve this problem. (I even faced this error and the method works perfectly every time.)

Boot Recovery (Works 100%)

The boot file often gets corrupted and thus shows 0 identified Windows installations. With this method, you can recover the boot file.

This feature is integrated with windows. Therefore, it is very fast and easy for users to do. Follow some basic steps to work with this method.

Step 1: Navigate to the command prompt mentioned in the previous method.

Scribe “Bootrec / rebuildbcd” at the command prompt and press Enter.

Step 2: the message appears as:

“Scanning all disks for Windows installations. Please wait, as this may take a while … Successfully scanned the Windows installations. Total identified Windows installations: 0 The operation was completed successfully «.

Since you already have Windows installed. So you just need to remove Bcd and then rebuild it again with the help of some commands like:

bcdedit / export c: bcdbackup attrib c: boot bcd -h -r -s

The first command will create the backup of the previous stored BCD. The second command will remove some attributes that restrict the actions you could take.

Now rename the old BCD file with the command “Ren c: boot bcd bcd.old”.

Step 3: Create a new BCD file by typing this command. “Bootrec / rebuildbcd” .

Step 4: the message will appear as:

Please wait, as this may take a while … Successfully scanned the Windows installations. Total identified Windows installations: 1 [1] D: Windows Add installation to boot list? Yes / No / All : «

Press Y (yes) and then a message will appear like: “The operation was completed successfully” . Restart your computer after exiting the command prompt.

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Hopefully, the “Total Windows Installations Identified 0” error will be cleared.

Registry recovery

The windows registry contains various information, settings, options and other values ​​of the program installed in the windows. So it is one of the chances that your registry is corrupted.

So you need to get it back with the help of registry recovery which fixes the error “Total Windows Installations Identified 0”. Follow these simple steps and hopefully your computer will work properly.

Step 1: You need to create the recovery USB drive or DVD or ISO to be able to use it when such error occurs. It should be clearly noted that this recovery drive should be created while your Windows is running normally and should be used during any errors that come up front.

You can also insert a new Windows ISO disk.

Step 2: insert the recovery drive you created and then boot your computer from a CD / DVD. (You can also start your PC by inserting a flash drive containing the Windows installation in a bootable format) Some of the additional steps are different for different versions of the operating system. So choose accordingly as the steps are explained in parts.

  • Windows XP, Vista: Windows setup will start and the first window will appear requesting the language, date and time. Fill in the details accordingly and then choose to repair your system option. Click the Next button, the window appears with the system recovery options. Choose the command prompt from the list.
  • Windows 8, 8.1, 10: The window appears with the option to choose the keyboard. Choose the options accordingly and navigate to Troubleshooting. Select the advanced option from the Troubleshoot window. Scroll to and select command prompt.

Step 3: Navigate to the folder by following the path: “C: Windows System32 config” using the command prompt.

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Step 3: a Once you are done with the folder address, run the following commands:

del c: windows system32 config sam del c: windows system32 config security del c: windows system32 config software del c: windows system32 config default del c: windows system32 config system copy c: windows tmp software c: windows system32 config software copy c: windows tmp system c: windows system32 config system copy c: windows tmp sam c: windows system32 config sam copy c: windows tmp security c: windows system32 config security copy c: windows tmp default c: windows system32 config default

Step 4: restart your computer without using the registry recovery drive. Hopefully your computer will boot up properly this time and the “Total Windows Installations Identified 0” error will go away.

Reinstalling Windows

If nothing is going to work for you, then you will be left with the only option to reinstall the Windows operating system. It is very obvious if the large percentage of files get corrupted then none other than reinstallation works.

So please try to reinstall the desired operating system because once your windows have been heavily infected, the possible errors like “total identified 0 Windows installations 0” come up.


The error “total identified Windows installations 0” could be a major headache if the user doesn’t really know what it is and how to solve this problem.

Therefore, we explain the root cause of the problem. And it also introduced you to all the possible ways to fix the error with some easy and user-friendly ways. Try using another method if it doesn’t work for you. Feel free to ask any questions with the help of comments.

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