Despite all the difficulties and obstacles, the long-awaited Biomutant still reached the players – today, May 25. The project was set to release on the PC and consoles of the previous generation. Yes, the owners of the latest game consoles will have to launch the new RPG in backward compatibility mode since there is no native Paul Nextgen client yet. When Biomutant began to be developed, Sony and Microsoft were thinking about the next generation of new consoles. However, this is not so important – it is much more interesting than the much-anticipated project gives its audience a loyal fan base. And Biomutant gives you plenty.

One of the main elements of the gameplay is a craft, which will allow you to create weapons and equipment from the garbage found in the process of exploring the virtual world. Depending on the gamer’s components, he will get a certain result, and, accordingly, there will be a lot of weapon options. Yes, and scenarios, where this weapon needs to be used in practice will also provide a lot – the enemies here are of all sizes and shapes, all have their own unique animations of attack, run, block, and so on. Apparently, the developers have not wasted their time all these years.

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In addition, the developers focus on the combat system, which allows you to use the advantages of melee weapons by three hundred percent – the main character, a fluffy warrior with paws, can do amazing things with a huge sword. And this character can also explore an open world with many secrets and interesting locations, fight powerful bosses and go through the storyline. There is not so much information about her if you do not consider the main outline, but this is only a plus – over the years of development, the story could well have been merged into the network, finally finishing off Biomutant. Fortunately, this did not happen.

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