The last Fallout was released back in 2015 – the fourth part became one of the most ambitious Fallout in terms of freedom of action and the size of the world to travel across. What should an Android user do while waiting for the new part? You can transform your device’s interface into a Pip-Boy 3000 wrist computer.

What applications do you need?

To transform the interface of your Android smartphone or tablet into something similar to the Pip-Boy 3000, you need Go Launcher Z and additional applications for it:

First, we install the Go launcher itself and then all the additional programs. This launcher and its companion applications have such a great feature as skin changing. Moreover, each program can be customized beyond recognition. We’ll need the following topics:

How to replace Android interface with Pip-Boy style

You can install all themes in any order. Next, one of the most difficult parts is activating themes in all applications and the launcher. In each additional application in the settings, there is a section with themes, where you can apply the desired design in the style of Fallout, but with the “Go Launcher,” not everything is so simple. The menu is pretty confusing there:

  1. Go to the menu and find “Themes” there.
  2. Click on the small icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Select “Nuclear Theme” and click “Apply.”
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Also, difficulties may arise with installing a weather widget with a Fallout theme. First, you need to bring the weather widget to the desktop. It is located in the folder with system widgets. When you try to do this, a menu will pop up in front of you with the option to choose a theme for the widget. Please switch to the Local tab and select our theme.

If you think that the usual “Go Keyboard” does not fit into the resulting look of the system, you can use Gboard and install a green theme there.

The standard wallpaper with the Brotherhood of Steel paladin in the Nuclear Go Launcher Theme Fallout 3k looks, to put it mildly, not very good since this design was released quite a long time ago. Therefore, it is better to replace it with the PipBoy 3000 Live Wallpaper from the above list. They mimic the effect of refreshing the screen on terminals in Fallout. Also, many people may not like Go Locker Pip-Boy 3000 theme for the lock screen. It looks old, and the unlocking method is not very convenient (scrolling the wheel). Therefore, it does not have to be activated. Instead, it is better to set PipBoy 3000 Live Wallpaper to your lock screen.

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Bonus: Pip-Boy watch faces for Mi Band

There are also themed watch faces for the Mi Band. To apply them, you need to install the application, and then follow the link for it and click “Install.”

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