Ultimate List of Online Learning Software for College Students

Students have a lot on their plate when they are still studying. Whether you are still in high school or have already moved to college, there are many things a student must do if they want to pass by the end of the term. With all advances in technology , now there are more ways to make a student’s life easier. The best software for college students can make a student’s life so much easier, but with so many options available, many students aren’t sure what to install.

In this post, we take a look at a range of different software solutions that are ideal for students. We consider online learning software and take a look at general applications that can also help facilitate the study process for the student. We also share free software for college students, ensuring that the student can make use of applications without spending additional money.

The best software for college students

There are some types of software that students can use to make studying and completing assignments easier, and often faster as well. The specific options available depend on the needs of the student. Some tasks may require special tools, for example.

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1. Document processor

One of the most useful software applications that students can benefit from would be a document processor. This software can be used to compile documents and write essays. It is also a great way to verify the content delivered by the Essay writing service for Canadians when students need their work done on time. Students who have tons of homework and homework could not do without this type of software as well as without professional writing services. There are some document processors available. A few free programs for college students also include word processors that do not require a paid license to use.

Some options students can consider if they need a document processor include:

  • Microsoft Word (Part of the Microsoft Office suite)
  • Open Office
  • WPS Office
  • Google Docs

2. Video conference or group calling software

There are cases where study groups are organized, but it is not always possible for everyone to attend in person. Study groups are known to be beneficial to students. When students cannot meet at a physical location, the software can be used to set up a video conference. This allows students to communicate with each other through visual and audio feedback.

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There are a few options available if the student wishes to consider a group video call:

  • Skype
  • Google Duo
  • Facebook video chat

3. Cloud storage

Being able to access files with ease, no matter where the student is located, this is another thing to consider when looking for the best software for college students. This is also where cloud storage comes into the picture.

Cloud storage solutions help the student to store documents, notes, and other files on the Internet, allowing them to access these files from their computer, mobile phone, or even a computer at the university.

There are many cloud storage services that offer a desktop application for Windows, and some of these will give the student free initial storage space that they can use.

Some options to consider include:

  • Google drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • MEGA
  • iCloud Drive

4. Note taking software

Students often take notes while studying, which is why another essential piece of software should be one that makes take notes whatever easiest possible. Some of the latest note-taking software solutions are based on cloud technology. This makes it easy for the student to take a note on their mobile device and then access it later through a computer.

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Some of the note-taking solutions students can consider include:

  • Google Keep
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Evernote
  • Adhesive notes


Students are faced with homework, learning, and many other tasks that they must do. All of this can become confusing for the student and make it difficult for them to pass at the end of their term. With the best software for college students, the student is presented with the opportunity to gain an advantage. From cloud storage solutions to software that make note taking easy, we look at the top options students should consider.

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