Mozilla has released the latest stable version of Firefox 89, which includes major interface changes, new skins, and other updates. The key point is the new design in line with the concept adopted by Mozilla. The changes affect the main interface elements such as the toolbar, address bar, menus, tooltips, and tabs.

The new interface is easier to use and should be less distracting for users while browsing. Some browser elements have been removed or renamed. Floating tabs have a rounded design and provide information and hints as needed, such as visual indicators to control audio on an open web page.

The Firefox 89 menu has been reorganized, its content has been prioritized according to the frequency of use, and the icons in front of each item have been removed. The developers removed the library and the protection status bar, moved the scale bar down, and moved some options to other sections. The context menu has also been redesigned, and MacOS X now has its own design.

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