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US to spend $ 250 billion to compete with China in technology market

Yesterday, June 8, the US Senate formally approved a bill to invest $ 250 billion to strengthen the technology sector in the country, as well as various studies that will allow the United States to compete with China in the high-tech market, the information publication Associated, reported citing its sources. Press. It is worth noting that not all congressmen voted for the adoption of this bill – only 68 government representatives out of a hundred people voted “For,” while 32 did not support this idea. Now Joe Biden, the President of the United States, has to put his signature so that the project goes into production.

The government plans to spend the lion’s share of this amount on the development and production of semiconductors and telecommunications equipment – 52 billion will be allocated for this. Also, 2 billion will be allocated to produce microcircuits, which are used in the production of cars. According to the senators, this sector suffered most from the shortage of semiconductors, although the sphere itself is developing by leaps and bounds. Another impressive amount will be allocated for the development of applied sciences, and as much as 10 billion will be allocated for the creation of scientific hubs throughout the country. This will provide people across the country with new jobs and strengthen the technological development of the United States.

A certain part of the funds (not specified exactly) will be spent on developing the Artemis program from NASA to send people to the moon. Moreover, after signing this bill by the US President, the largest US companies will receive subsidiary support – Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, having suffered from a shortage of chips, united in a coalition in May this year to get help from the state. And, apparently, out of 250 billion, part of the funds will provide these giants with semiconductors and everything necessary.

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