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Vivo X60 Pro review: Truly Eye-Catching Smartphone

The emphasis in Vivo X60 Pro made on photo capabilities: three modules without fake eyes, advanced optical stabilization, and advanced software – all this claims to be the flagship level. And whether other characteristics correspond to the settings bar, let’s study!

Vivo X60 Pro: Specifications

Vivo X60 Pro is Incredibly Beautiful

When many manufacturers are abandoning glass and gradients in favor of monotonous plastic, Vivo is releasing a device with beautiful frosted glass. In other words, Vivo X60 Pro is perceived as a breath of fresh air against the background of the prevailing monotony. The case back combines a whole palette of neon shades: blue, turquoise, purple, and pinkish-orange. Each of them shimmers beautifully and plays along with the lighting.

Thanks to the opacity of the glass, the gradient does not appear pretentious despite the vibrant colors. The second advantage is practicality. Vivo X60 Pro does not slip out of hands and does not get covered with fingerprints. Small scratches are also completely invisible. The width of 73.24 mm is optimal for using the smartphone with one hand.

Another cool detail is the flat top and bottom ends and the heavily rounded display. The smartphone looks and feels very expensive. You want to twist it in your hands and examine it. The assembly is monolithic. The materials have proven their durability by two weeks of careless operation. To complete the picture, there is not enough protection, at least from splashes.

There is an equally noteworthy case for those who want to keep the body intact and protect the protruding camera. First, it is plastic, not silicone. It is lighter and more compact, and over time it will not lose its shape and will not turn yellow.

Secondly, the cover does not go to the side edges for better interaction with the screen.

Vivo X60 Pro comes with Zeiss triple camera optics

Vivo X60 Pro has the correct layout of the main camera without unnecessary lenses. All three modules are equipped with Zeiss optics, have autofocus, and the main and telephoto ones also have optical stabilization.

During the day, the camera demonstrates gorgeous quality with great detail and a wide dynamic range. The smartphone is not afraid of the backlight. For shooting moving objects, there is a special mode that gives sharp shots. There is also a reverse mode for creating beautiful light trails.

In portrait mode, there are two modules available, main or telephoto. At night it is better to use the main eye due to its better light sensitivity.

Blur can be used for more than just photographing people. Algorithms do a good job with any subject. Below are two shots for comparison: normal and portrait with f / 2.0 blur.

In the gallery, you can change the focal point and adjust the depth of the field at any time.

For my taste, 2x optical zoom is not enough since the 48MP module can provide such a crop without loss of quality. A reasonable compromise is a 3x telephoto lens, but not in this case. As a result, the maximum zoom is limited to 20x, and the quality is poor. When quickly switching between modules, a newly turned-on camera does not always have time to focus – I advise you to pause for half a second or a second.

Evening photos are equally impressive, thanks to automatic HDR. At night, the automatic night mode helps out, stitching together several frames. In any case, the software significantly increases shutter speed and ISO sensitivity – moving objects are blurred, and excessive noise appears. The X60 Pro is also positioned as a smartphone for taking pictures of the starry sky, there is a corresponding mode in the menu, but the stars above the Moscow sky are an exceptional rarity.

The 32-megapixel front camera strikes with excessive detail – all the nuances of the skin are noticeable in the finished pictures. On the other hand, the picture quality is excellent in any condition, without noise and background glare. The activation of the beautifier makes the skin look less natural.

AMOLED, 120 Hz, and 500 cd/m²

The display is flagship by all measures: AMOLED with perfect black, 6.56 inches, 120 Hz, and rounded sides. The maximum brightness is 500 cd / m² and can be increased in automatic mode. The minimum value does not exceed 2 cd / m². DC Dimming is provided. However, even without this trick, there is no visible flicker. A ripple in the entire brightness range does not exceed 55%. The pixel density of 398 PPI is the average to date, so that some users may notice a little graininess.

There are three profiles in the settings with manual color temperature adjustment.

The uniformly thin bezels give the full bezel-less feel you’d expect from a device of this level. There is an optical fingerprint scanner under the screen. Immediately out of the box, the fingerprint scanner works inaccurately; to correct the situation, you need to remove the standard film. Without it, scanning takes half a second, which is comparable to high-speed classical sensors.

Constant time display (AlwaysOn) can always be activated, according to the schedule, or by a single touch. A total of 19 skins with fine-tuning of information and colors, there are also animated options.

Music is played only through the bottom speaker. There is no stereo here. The sound is loud but absolutely flat, with no claims for volume or low frequencies. When watching a video, I want to use headphones. The bundle contains a wired headset with a 3.5 mm jack. But there is no analog connector on the case; to connect a standard accessory, you will have to use the complete adapter – an unexpected compromise. The rest of the headset is unremarkable: mediocre sound, a remote with three buttons, and a thin, comfortable wire. I highly recommend pairing the Vivo X60 Pro with good wireless earbuds.

Snapdragon 870 + 12GB + 256GB

The Snapdragon 870 installed in the Vivo X60 Pro further develops last year’s Snapdragon 865+. The main and only major change is the increased frequency of one of the cores of the productive cluster to 3.2 GHz. The graphics core remains the same – Adreno 640. Paired with 12 GB of RAM, you don’t have to think about replacing your smartphone for at least 2-3 years. There is enough performance with a margin.

The powerful Snapdragon 870 warms up the glass body and metal bezels noticeably. However, performance remains high. According to the results of an hourly stress test, the decrease did not exceed 18%.

The Funtouch OS style is a good balance between Material Design in Android 11 and Asian style. Dark or light themes, classic navigation bar or gestures, applications are collected in a separate menu. A whole set of programs is preinstalled out of the box: from Yandex and Facebook search to TikTok and Likee. All this can be removed by regular means, and Netflix can only be turned off. During the first setup, it is proposed to install partner applications from the Vivo store. Google services are complete.

I liked both the external and functional customization of the system. For example, you can change animations for finger recognition, charging, screen on / off, and others. You can start a search or open the notification panel by swiping your finger from top to bottom on the home screen. And that’s not to mention changing icons, carousel wallpapers of the lock screen, and other little things. You can only scold inaccurate Russification in places, but there are no gaps in the translation.

A day of work and charge in an hour

The bright 120Hz screen and powerful hardware weigh heavily on the 4200mAh battery. In our autonomy test, the Vivo X60 Pro lasted 10 hours 39 minutes with an adaptive screen refresh rate and 10 hours 43 minutes with a fixed 120 Hz – this is a weak result. In real life, the device lives no more than one daylight hour with a constant connection to the mobile Internet, instant messengers, and watching videos.

Vivo has its own 33W FlashCharge 2.0 charging technology that is not compatible with Qualcomm QuickCharge or Power Delivery. That is, for good speed, in any case, a regular power supply is required, and any high-quality cable can be used. A full charge takes 1 hour and 10 minutes without any heat.

Feedback after two weeks of use

Primary appointment Vivo X60 Pro – taking photos and videos. There is everything you need for this: three modules with different focal lengths, advanced optical stabilization, and light Zeiss optics. Confused by only 2x optical zoom, but this is a matter of personal preference. And also problems with night photography, although this is part of the positioning. The design and performance are up to the mark, but a few options are missing to complete the picture. Namely: good sound from the speaker and moisture protection, because we have a device for $899.



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