The German carmaker Volkswagen Group has received a tempting offer to sell its Italian brand Automobili Lamborghini. The legendary manufacturer, specializing in the production of high-end sports cars, is looking to acquire a newly founded Anglo-Swiss consortium.

The offer came to Volkswagen in May from Quantum Group AG. The consortium, formed from the Zurich-based holding company and the London-based investment firm Centricus Asset Management, is willing to pay € 7.5 billion for Lamborghini. Quantum Group AG plans to transform the Italian brand into an innovation leader, introducing new environmentally friendly technologies.

In addition to buying Lamborghini, Quantum Group AG has offered VAG a strategic partnership to share intellectual property and electric vehicle technology. It is also planned to create a Center for Advanced Automotive Innovation in Germany, where batteries for electric vehicles will be developed and produced, software and technologies for unmanned control will be created. At the same time, Quantum Group AG promises to retain Lamborghini’s current leadership and the entire staff for up to five years. Also, the potential buyer promises to create up to 850 new jobs thanks to the opening of the aforementioned R&D center. If the deal goes through, then by 2025, the consortium promises to release the first electric car under the Lamborghini brand.

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Recall that Audi acquired Lamborghini in 1998 from the Indonesian company Megatech. Then the transaction amount was $ 110 million. And recently, information appeared in the media that the German automaker is interested in selling the Italian brand. However, Audi officials denied the rumors, claiming the Lamborghini was not for sale. In 2020, Lamborghini-branded vehicles totaled 7,430 units, down from the record-breaking 2019 of 8,205 units. But despite the drop in sales, which is mainly due to the coronavirus pandemic and the plant’s shutdown in 70 days due to quarantine, the automaker’s revenue amounted to 1.61 billion euros.

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