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Unexpectedly for many, the opening ceremony of WWDC 2022 turned out to be quite interesting. And if there were more innovations than expected, many were disappointed with the devices: they showed an ultimately minor updated MacBook Pro 13 and excellent MacBook Air. Many people already want the latter – friends wrote to me at midnight and asked where, when and how much you could buy this MacBook.

However, there were rumors about other devices as well. Let’s talk about them in order.


Many expected that with the release of the Apple M2, they would introduce a trio in the face of the brand new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini. Expectations were justified only by 50%: there is a new MacBook and a minor update, but there is no minicar at all. Moreover, the latter was expected in two variations at once:

The rumor about two Mac mini appeared literally on Sunday. The fact is that the New York store B&H Photo launched two product pages. One is dedicated to Mac mini on M2:

The second is for some Mac mini Tower on the M1 Pro:

The store then stated that these pages were based on hearsay. And at that moment, I realized that this is true: Apple does not give information to third-party stores about products that have not yet been announced. And what is Tower? There are no such designations in the company’s product line. Yes, and Mac mini on M1 Pro is Mac Studio. Another similar nettop is not needed.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the Mac mini won’t be shown until next spring. However, before that, Apple has big plans for the fall:

If we talk only about computers, then we are waiting for:

MR headset

The new product category is delayed. According to the latest information published by the authoritative Ming-Chi Kuo, then a mixed reality headset should not be expected before 2023:

The main question is when exactly will the commercial sample of the headset be presented. Ming-Chi claims that this will happen in early 2023. The beginning of the year is January-March. Apple traditionally has a presentation in March. Then the developers will receive the API they need to make at least some content by launching the headset.

Sketch published by The Information. Source: The Information

Although until recently, there were rumors that Apple was preparing to launch the headset at the opening of WWDC 2022. However, this did not happen.

The key to the presentation is the window between the announcement and the sale. Apple wants several things at once:

The headset itself can be shown both at the March presentation and later. For example, at WWDC 2023, with a launch in July. However, I believe it will be like this: some announcements will take place as early as November of this year, and the headset itself will be shown or sold sometime in March 2023.


Did someone expect iPhones at WWDC? Don’t even think: they are shown either in September-October or in March-April.

The following presentation will take place in September. It will show four iPhones: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. But taking into account the fact that there will be no differences between the base smartphones of the 14th series and the base 13th. Apple may introduce a new model – the iPhone 13 Max in addition to the already existing iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. Well, that’s what I think. Many disagree with me in terms of such naming.

A presentation will follow this in the spring. It will show either the iPhone XR with new hardware or the iPhone 11 with new hardware. The smartphones will practically not change outwardly but will receive the current Apple A16 Bionic system-on-chip.

Apple Watch

Watches were also not worth waiting for at WWDC. They are also shown only in the fall. The following presentation is likely to take place in September. It will present three versions of the watch at once:

Apple Watch Series 7 concept. Source: Jon Prosser × Renders by Ian

There are rumors about the third size, in which the Apple Watch will become huge boilers close to 50 mm. But they may not show it.


Here it is worth waiting only for new “firmware.” They are expected to be introduced this fall. Headphones will receive some sports features and will likely lose their legs and “everyone’s favorite” Lightning for charging. The latter will be replaced by USB Type-C as early as 2023 after iPhones switch to it.


A couple of weeks ago, authoritative insider Ming-Chi Kuo informed us that at the end of this – the beginning of next year, a new version of HomePod would be presented. What precisely this column will be is unknown, but Ming-Chi emphasizes that innovation should not be expected. It will probably be a new version of the large HomePod with Lossless support or a HomePod mini with the same functionality.


Yes, there have been rumors as well. They began with the fact that the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved the use of a certain “Network Adapter” Apple, which resembles a router in functionality. And many remembered AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, and AirPort Time Capsule – Apple released these access points from 2003 to 2018:

AirPort Time Capsule. Source: Apple

However, in the registration application that Apple filed with the FCC, many noticed one strange fact: The device only operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency. A little odd for a modern router.

This is a gadget for use within the company itself. We are unlikely to know about it now or in the future.

Will Apple ever return to the router market? It is difficult to say, but so far, there are no prerequisites for this.


Apple’s most sophisticated product shouldn’t be expected until the second half of this decade. There are many reasons, including the most ordinary: the company may not pull out of this project.

Apple has been undergoing very strict personnel rotations for the past year and a half. About once a month, it is reported that another member has left Apple, and another foremost specialist in the automotive industry has taken his place.

Probably, such staff turnover is connected with the desire of the company’s bigwigs to release one product and the lack of understanding of why or how to do it on the part of engineers and developers.

However, the project is alive, and the recent presentation of iOS 16 hints at this with the Car Play update – from the end of 2023, the car system will be responsible for multimedia and the dashboard.

What Apple products are you looking forward to? Share in the comments.

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