What is the difference between a VPN and a proxy and how do they work?

When it comes to protecting your privacy online, there are two terms around VPN and Proxy. Both methods are known to keep the identity anonymous, hide the IP address, change it to a new one, connect you to a remote server, and allow you to connect and browse the web as if you were in another location. however, the operability of both technologies differs from each other. Here in this post, we look at the difference exact between a VPN and a proxy and how they work.

Enable private browsing in Firefox

Therefore, if you want your browsing history can not Track in Firefox, you will need the following:

  • Fire up your favorite browser and locate the Mozilla Firefox menu icon in the upper right corner of the window. After clicking on the icon, you will find yourself in the menu.
  • Choose the “New Private Window” option from there. It should be over the History icon. Alternatively, you can press the combination of CTRL, SHIFT, and P.
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  • Once you follow the steps listed above, you will be able to browse in private mode.
  • Once you enable private mode, you will see the skin icon in the upper right of the window. This purple Venetian mask is indicative that you have successfully enabled the desired mode and can now surf the web safely.

    Am I totally sure now?

    As we have pointed out, browsing in private mode prevents Firefox from saving any information about the websites you visit. Still, using the private browsing feature doesn’t make you totally invisible online. Even Firefox itself alerts you to the fact that your employer or Internet service provider can still see the pages you visit.

    Firefox relies on standard tracking checklists to ensure the privacy of its users. However, if blocking social sharing, advertising, and analytics trackers isn’t enough to make you feel safe online, you can take advantage of the strict tracking protection list. Doing so will make Firefox block all existing trackers.

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    Please note that enabling the aforementioned feature may cause you to be unable to access certain web pages. With strict list enabled, some sites may malfunction.

    How to enable strict protection list in Firefox

    If you have decided to ensure your privacy online to its fullest extent, be sure to activate the strict protection list by doing the following:

    • Go to the Firefox menu and select “Options.”
    • Click on “Privacy”.

  • In the Privacy window, click the Change Block List button located in the lower right corner.
  • When the new block lists window appears, check the option “Disconnect.me strict protection …” and confirm the changes.

    Now what?

    From now on, you will be able to browse the web much faster. You will no longer be bothered by Google Ads or the Analytics script. You can be sure that no one and nothing can track the online resources you visit. Of course, the vast majority of websites that rely on advertising as their primary source of income frown on private browsing. Be that as it may, it is up to you to decide whether to allow third party sites to view your browsing history or not.

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    If you want to allow a particular online resource to track your browsing activity, you can enable trackers by adjusting some Privacy settings. Click on the shield icon in the address bar and select “Disable protection for this session”.

    If you want to use private browsing mode all the time, go back to the “Privacy” section and click “Never remember history”. Doing so is equivalent to enabling private browsing in Firefox. Still, if you go for the former, you won’t see that enigmatic mask icon mentioned at the end of the first section of our article.

    Once you make the necessary changes, be sure to restart your browser for them to take effect.

    Also, you can use a VPN to browse anonymously and protect your privacy online.

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