Windows 11 Review: What’s new and is it worth updating?

Instead of a major update to Windows 10, Microsoft plans to release a new operating system, Windows 11, on June 24 – this is not news to anyone. Moreover, the network already has many resources where you can download the ISO image of the new system to install it on your PC and evaluate all the new features of the fresh OS.

However, if you are still afraid to install the image downloaded from the Chinese forum, but want to see what Windows 11 looks like in all its glory, then make yourself comfortable – there are plenty of innovations.

New Start

The most important innovation of the new operating system was supposed to be a new “Start,” but it was just slightly redrawn in reality. By clicking on the familiar icon, the user gains access to a window with a list of pinned applications and recommendations.

It is important to note that you can scroll through the list of installed applications. It is possible to open the full list of programs alphabetically (standard on Windows 10).

Also, directly from the list of applications, the software can be removed, unpinned, or configured (the configuration function is not available for all applications).

The list of recommendations shows recently installed programs, saved documents, and other elements useful to the user.

Also, when you right-click on “Start,” a drop-down menu appears with many functions that were previously hidden in the system settings. As a result, it is now much easier to get to the necessary system utilities, network settings, and more.

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New search

About a month ago, rumors appeared on the network that in the new version of the OS, developers from Microsoft decided to modify the search form to work not only locally on the system. And in Windows 11, this was implemented – by entering a query. The user can search for a keyword or phrase not in all files but applications, documents, or even on the Internet.

Moreover, there is a More tab, which allows even more options for searching – you can search for the desired word or phrase in e-mail, among folders, music, videos, and so on—a convenient feature for active users who want to find the content they need quickly.


Now there is a new icon on the taskbar responsible for quickly launching the desktop panel. There are no innovations in the system itself, but the interface has become more attractive.


Recently, a panel with widgets appeared in the stable version of Windows 10 – you can see the weather in your region, read news, assess traffic congestion on the roads, and more. There is a similar panel in Windows 11 – it has the same set of functions. But, unfortunately, it is launched every other time, refusing to show content (nevertheless, the assembly for developers is replete with bugs, this is normal).

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Grouping windows

Working with windows in Windows 11 is implemented head and shoulders above Windows 10 – now it is much more convenient to group application windows or folders on one or more screens. For example, you can drag a window to different sides of the screen, and the system will blur out how this window will look after grouping. In Windows 10, this was also the case, but the implementation looks less comfortable and understandable.

Moreover, in Windows 11, there is a new convenient function. By right-clicking on the “Windows” button in the upper-right part (to the left of the cross), the user will see all the available options for grouping the application window or folder. Thus, it is enough to click on the desired option for the window to adapt to the user’s requirements.

Updated interface

Judging by the new style of the Windows 11 interface, the designers at Microsoft were not given freedom of action – absolutely all the menus, buttons, and switches are in their places, so you won’t have to get used to when switching from Windows 10 to a new OS. But the interface itself has become more pleasant – the corners of the windows have been rounded, the drop-down menus have been updated and finalized (there is even a shadow, like in macOS), there are more options for customizing the interface.

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Explorer was also updated, but only cosmetic – replaced the icons, some buttons, and the common window design. Nevertheless, all the elements familiar to the user remain where they were. This is probably done to make the user feel comfortable when switching to a new system.

General impression

Windows 11 doesn’t feel like an entirely new system. Rather, it’s a major patch for Windows 10 with a dark theme, a more modern interface that looks a lot like something in between Ubuntu and macOS, and a small bunch of improvements to make it work faster and more efficiently. Perhaps when Windows 11 gets to release, and this will happen in a week, the developers will release patches and add new interesting features, but so far, there is no point in rushing to install a new OS – it will not give anything that is clearly not in Windows 10.

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