One of the most anticipated series not only of the summer but of the whole year – “Loki” from Marvel Studios – has finally reached the audience. After a successful start in Wanda Vision and a rather solid continuation in the person of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the studio has set the bar high for all its future series. The audience’s hopes for Loki are higher than usual because the project will focus on the story of the MCU’s most charismatic and interesting villain – Loki. Will Marvel Studios let fans down around the world?

Review of the first episode of the main summer series “Loki.”

The series begins with what viewers had already seen in the movie “Avengers: Endgame” when Loki from 2012 stole the Tesseract and went to another dimension. However, he is not allowed to go far. The guys from the “Office of Temporary Change” (UVI) appear. Loki jokes that he will not obey people in stupid costumes while he himself is dressed in his comic costume. Good joke, Marvel. The Asgardian god is taken to the office of the UVI, which is a bureaucratic organization that exists outside of space and time. A series of funny moments take place there. Still, the most interesting of this is a cartoon that is shown to Loki, and at the same time to the viewer, who tells about how our world was created (according to the MCU version), how a single timeline was formed, and also why this organization. And then Owen Wilson appears on the screen. But first, I would like to note the very high-quality dialogues in Loki. They are moderately funny, moderately intelligent, and do not make you bang your hand on your forehead, as is often the case when watching comics.

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The God of deception has to answer for his crimes against time, and he has a choice: to undergo erasure from reality or to help UVI in the fight against a greater threat. When Mobius, Wilson’s character, exchanges barbs with Loki, he says that his organization is designed to deal only with serious threats. The Asgardian is just a child. This means that Marvel still has ideas for such large plots in stock, which can force the Avengers to unite and heroes from all over the universe. If you have the opportunity to watch the show in the original, it will be worth it. Hiddleston’s acting is amazing. His speech, pronunciation, intonation, he is Loki. Wilson does not lag behind him. Interestingly, despite all UVI’s precautions, Loki manages to escape. True, he returns to the dialogue himself, having seen something incredible (which, on the one hand, is really unexpected, incredible and proves the power of UVI, but on the other, belittles some of the events of the MCU). He then reviews his entire life through the organization files, including moments he has yet to experience. But in the end, Mobius declares a truly shocking thing. UVI needs Loki’s help because they can stop a serious timeline violator Loki.

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Conclusion: Is Loki the best Marvel has shown in recent years?

Yes, the first episode of Loki sets the bar high. The show seems to be head and shoulders above Wanda / Vision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Good dialogue is subtle, funny, interesting. Awesome acting. Be that as it may, and Tom Hiddleston outshines the rest of his colleagues. Marvel Studios does not spare money for its projects. The audience could already be convinced of this. This means that when the action starts, the series will sparkle with new colors and will definitely surpass everything that the studio showed earlier in 2021. Loki may remain the most important Marvel series of 2021, as no one is expecting anything serious from Ms. Marvel at the moment.

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