WhatsApp began to disable messages and calls to anyone who did not accept the new rules

Today, May 15th, the updated terms of use for WhatsApp took effect. In this regard, the company will gradually limit the functions of the messenger for all users who have not agreed to accept the new privacy policy of the service. In particular, such users will begin to receive notifications in which they will be asked to accept the conditions for the further use of the messenger or export their correspondence history and delete their accounts.

The restrictions will be introduced over several weeks for each user individually. Initially, users will not have access to the chat list, and then they will stop receiving messages and calls. The company assured that all correspondence and media files would remain protected, and third parties will not have access to them.

WhatsApp changed its terms of service earlier this year. They provide for the mandatory transfer of user data to Facebook and other targeted advertising applications. Many criticized this decision, which forced WhatsApp to explain itself and then postpone introducing the new rules until May 15. It is worth noting that the messenger has been transmitting user data to Facebook for several years. Apparently, only now was it decided to register this moment in the user agreement officially.

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