Windows 11 images from third-party resources were infected

It is obvious that if a user wants to install a new fresh operating system, Windows 11, he must download it from an official source. Of course, so far, the system has not gone into a full-fledged release, so it’s too early to talk about downloading from the Microsoft website for everyone, but downloading an image from third-party resources is also highly discouraged. The fact is that Kaspersky Lab said that many users who use alternative methods of obtaining an image of Windows 11, most often, along with the operating system, also receive a whole set of all kinds of malicious programs.

For example, Kaspersky representatives noted that a file called 86307_windows 11 builds 21996.1 x64 + activator.exe. As the name suggests, it should provide the user with an image of the Windows 11 build 21996.1 builds and an activator for the operating system, which is very actively distributed on the Internet. Accordingly, users think that after activation, their system will no longer ask for a key, but it turns out that the exe file is a common malware. After the user accepts all the installer requirements, a lot of malware is downloaded to the computer.

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Of course, with certain knowledge and skills, the user can use resources like UUP Dump to build their own image of the system without malware inside. But, as practice shows, this takes more time and effort, so users most often go online in search of a ready-made image. And cybercriminals take advantage of this by distributing software to display advertisements or even hidden mining. And although the built-in Windows Defender does a good job with this kind of software, it is clearly not worth putting your system in danger once again.

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