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Windows 11 updates can be received much faster: the company is testing a new feature

A user under the nickname PhantomOfEarth discovered a new feature in the latest build of the Windows 11 operating system (25314) on the Canary Channel that will allow you to receive OS updates much faster.

Microsoft is now rolling out major updates in stages. Thus, developers try to avoid large-scale failures, however, this approach has its drawback – some users receive updates later than others.

The new feature will allow you to get fresh updates much faster, without the risk of running into issues in pre-release builds. In the advanced settings of the Update Center, a flag has appeared Get the latest updates as soon as they’re ready for your PC (“Get the latest updates as soon as they are ready for your computer”). After activating the option, Microsoft will give preference to the system at the time the next update is deployed. At the same time, as the developers assure, the user will not be able to receive an update if serious errors are found in it. The new tool will be useful for enthusiasts who are looking forward to updates and want to “probe” them faster than others.

To enable the feature, you need to follow a few steps:

  • make a backup copy of the data;
  • install build 25314;
  • download and install the ViveTool utility;
  • call the administrator terminal with the Win + X keyboard shortcut;
  • switch the terminal mode to the command line (Ctrl + Shift + 2);
  • navigate to the folder containing the ViveTool files using the CD command. For example, if ViveTool is located in C:Vive, you would enter CD C:Vive;
  • enter vivetool /enable/id:43132439 and press Enter;
  • to restart a computer.

After that, the corresponding option should appear in the Update Center. When it will be ported to the stable version of the operating system is unknown.

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