Windows 11 will be able to run Linux GUI utilities

Windows Latest journalists used tests to support a new generation of graphics driver architecture – WDDM 3.0 (Windows Display Driver Model) in Windows 11. Innovation can be considered one of the keys and most important in the upcoming operating system. WDDM 3.0 will allow Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) applications to access and manage their own RAM on the computer’s built-in or external GPU, ensuring maximum performance.

In addition to WDDM 3.0, a Windows 11 leak revealed that Microsoft is also working on expanding settings for the graphics cards it uses. For example, users will tie a powerful graphics card to a specific application to interact with specific tasks in a high-performance mode. The option is located under “Options,” → “System,” → “Display,” → “Graphics Settings.” It will be possible to specify the graphics adapter for each application, subject to the supported.

As a reminder, the ability to run Linux GUI applications on a fully integrated Windows desktop appeared in Windows 10 in the spring of 2021 as part of the Windows Insider Program. The function remained in the test builds of the developer channel, without even reaching beta status, so Windows 11 will become the first version of the operating system with a native and natural display of Linux applications.

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