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Windows could not automatically detect proxy settings for this network in Windows 10

According to considerable user reports, they often come across slow internet at various times.

At that time, most people would prefer to use the Windows Network Diagnostic Tool built into the Windows system to find out what the network problem is.

But to your surprise, it shows confusing issue regarding network in Windows 10, that is Windows could not automatically detect proxy settings of this network.

To tackle this Windows proxy error, you had better take advantage of this nifty article.

Why can’t Windows automatically detect proxy settings for this network?

The Proxy is a system program as an intermediary agent that connects to the network. And the Proxy setting is necessary if you want to allow the Windows system to access the proxy server, which is the prerequisite for connecting to the Internet.

But in Windows 10 proxy settings can occur to various issues, the most common ones are Windows cannot save proxy settings, Windows 10 won’t change or keep changing proxy settings.

Whatever your network issue is, the culprits behind proxy problem are nothing but wrong or problematic proxy settings and network adapters in Windows 10.

To solve this Windows could not automatically detect this network proxy settings problem, you can try the following effective ways in Windows 10.

How to fix Windows could not automatically detect proxy settings for this network in Windows 10?

It is advisable that you try to make adjustment for network proxy settings, update network drivers and change some related settings to handle this Windows 10 network problem.


Solution 1 – Change to automatically detect proxy settings

Sometimes, maybe you have carelessly disabled the auto-detect settings for proxy, so you need to check the proxy settings for Windows 10 to make sure the option that automatically detects settings is checked on your PC.

1. Open the Dashboard .

2 in the Dashboard , decide View by category and select Network and Internet .

3. in the window Network and Internet , choose Internet Options .

4. in Internet Properties , in connections , find the lan settings .

5. In the interface LAN settings , check the box Automatically detect settings and then uncheck the box Add a proxy server for your LAN .

Finally press okay to save the changes.

In that case, you can auto detect proxy settings in Windows 10 and Windows could not auto detect error has disappeared from Lenovo, ASUS, Dell, etc.

Solution 2 – Update the network adapters

It is said that outdated or corrupted network driver can also be the reason why your PC encounters Windows was unable to automatically detect proxy settings for Windows 10.

As the incompatible network adapter is not suitable for the newly installed Windows 10, you will be suggested to download and install the latest network drivers to see if the proxy settings can be detected automatically this time.

Of course, you can update the network drivers in Device Manager or from the official site, but for some computer novices, it may seem difficult to deal with this Internet problem on your own.

Here it is highly recommended to install the newest network drivers automatically by Driver Booster. It is a reliable and professional driver tool for Windows 10.

driver booster will be the best choice to help you finish this task. As the best driver update software, Driver Booster can download all missing outdated drivers at once and then update them automatically.

one. Download Driver Booster , install and run it on your computer.

2. Press Scan , Driver Booster will scan all the devices for your computer and tell you how many missing and outdated drivers.

3. Find the network adapters and update it .

Now, at this time, with the most up-to-date network adapters in Windows 10, you can automatically detect network proxy settings.

Solution 3 – Re-enable the network adapter

In some situations, the Internet adapter may also fail in Windows 10, so you need to restart or reset it so that Windows cannot automatically detect this network’s proxy settings in Windows 10.

1. Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Center network and sharing .

2. In the window Center network and sharing , select Change adapter settings .

3. Right click on the network adapter you are using, Ethernet or WIFI for deactivate .

And if Windows 10 needs you to disable the network connection with the administrative privileges, just enter the passwords for the administrator account.

4. Again, right-click on the network you connected to to enable it this time.

Now manage to reconnect your computer to the network, WIFI or Ethernet. You will encounter the error that Windows was unable to automatically detect the proxy settings for this network successfully resolved for Windows 10.

Solution 4 – Reset TCP or TP

As the communication protocols of the Internet, the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the Internet Protocol (IP) are essential to the network. The proxy is no exception. Under this circumstance, when you encounter Windows cannot automatically detect this network proxy settings error, you struggle to reset the TCP or TP in Windows 10.

1. Find the symbol of the system in the Start Search box and press Get in to navigate to it.

Here you need to enter the command prompt as an administrator.

2. At the command prompt, copy the command netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt and then press Enter to run it.

This is also available for you to enter and run the command netsh winsock reset at the command prompt to reset network sockets.

3. Restart your PC.

Login and check if the proxy issue is fixed or not.

Solution 5 – Run SFC and DISM

Based on user reports, it is possible that corrupted system files or images lead to Windows not being able to automatically detect this network’s proxy configuration issues.

Therefore, you can also use the System File Checker tool in Windows 10 to scan for the problematic system files.

1. Open the symbol of system from the search box with administrative privileges.

2. In the symbol of the system , scribe sfc /scannow Y press Get in to run this command.

Then you can see that the tool CFS is checking system files, if there are wrong files in Windows 10, it will inform you and fix them automatically.

Although the file error is fixed, the system images problem remains on your PC, now why don’t you run DEC ( Development Image Servicing and Management ) to correct the incorrect images?

At symbol of the system , enter the following three commands in order and press Enter to activate this command and use DEC .

DISM /Online /Cleanup Image /CheckHealth

DISM /Online /Cleanup Image /ScanHealth

DISM /Online /Cleanup Image /RestoreHealth

Once DEC Once the detection is complete, you will be able to connect to the Internet as you wish, since Windows 10 can automatically detect your proxy settings.

Solution 6 – Reset Internet Explorer settings

Unless all the methods are useless for you, or you’d better not try this approach Windows, it could not automatically detect this network’s proxy settings in Windows 10.

1. Go to the route: Control Panel > Network and Internet > Internet Options .

2 in Advanced , click on Restore for Internet Explorer settings .

3. In the confirmation window, touch Restore .

here you can see how does the reset affect my computer and you can also access Delete personal settings .

Four. Follow the instructions to finish the reset .

After that, run the Windows Network Diagnostic Tool again to see if the proxy errors are gone.

Solution 7 – Check for updates

If there was, Windows would release a set of features that make your PC more compatible with Windows 10, since Windows couldn’t automatically detect proxy settings for this network, maybe updating can help a lot.

1. Go to Beginning > Setting > Update and security .

2 in Windows Update , select Search for updates .

Immediately after the updates installed on your computer, you may notice that the Windows network problem has been fixed.

Above all, these ways are the most powerful and effective ways to deal with the problem that Windows could not automatically detect the proxy settings of this network.

For the variety of this error, if you find nothing, even if you tried all the solutions in this article, unfortunately, it might be time to restore the system to solve the proxy problem in Windows 10.

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