Windows key button not working in Windows 10 after update (Fix)

Windows Key or Win Key is one of the most important keyboard keys for Windows PC. In some cases, the Windows key button may not work and will not respond to your pressure. Many different reasons can cause the problem to happen. Here’s how to quickly fix Windows key button not working on Windows 10 problem, especially after Windows Update.

The Windows key is most commonly used to open the start menu and to combine with other keys to open other Windows tools, such as Win + R to open the Run tool, Win + Tab to start the Windows 10 timeline, Win + S to open Cortana Search, Win + P to select the projector or display screen, Win + X To open the Windows 10 Power User context menu, Win + L to temporarily log out from your Windows 10 user account and Win + I to open Settings in Windows 10. If the Windows key or Win key does not work as expected, these shortcut keys will not work.

This page is intended for the Windows key not working in Windows 10 problem. If your problem is that the start menu will not open, please read: Start menu does not work in Windows 10.

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Solution: Windows key button does not work in Windows 10

Download and enable the Windows key

In some rare cases, your Windows key may have been inadvertently disabled by software or Windows 10. Some users reported that after a recent Windows update, the Win Key button became disabled and stopped working. Here’s how to fix it.

Go to this page (by Scroll down and find Enable Windows key . Click the button Download to download the Windows key enable tool. Run the tool once. Restart your PC and check if the Windows key button does not work in Windows 10 problem is fixed.

Upgrade – If you have a special keyboard that has a function key, try pressing the function + Win key and see if it works. Some keyboards with a function key can disable the Windows key button by pressing Function + Win Key. Pressing the same combination again will also unlock the Windows key.

Enable Windows key manually using regedit

If you can still open the start menu by clicking the Windows start button with your mouse, search for regedit and run it. Navigate to the following folder in the registry editor.

HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE  System  CurrentControlSet  Control

Click on the folder Keyboard layout . From the right pane, right click on the record named Scancode Map and then select Remove . Close the registry editor and restart your computer. Then you should be able to use the Windows key again.

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Disable game mode

On some high-end keyboards, especially gaming keyboards, there will usually be a mode called Game mode . When this particular mode is enabled, the Windows key button will be disabled and will not respond to your pressure. The purpose of this mode is to prevent you from inadvertently clicking the Windows key and forcing your game to minimize due to the start menu of the Win key on the Windows desktop.

Check if you have game mode or another similar mode enabled. Disable it and try the Windows key button again. This should normally solve the Win key or Windows key button not working in Windows 10 problem.

Other possible causes and solutions

Make sure the Windows key button on your keyboard is actually working. You can try replacing it with another keyboard and see if the Win key works. If it works on another keyboard, it most likely indicates that the Windows key on that problem keyboard is faulty.

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You can also try updating your keyboard driver. This should normally be done downloading manually the keyboard manufacturer’s driver especially for high-end keyboards and for games whose drivers are frequently updated. You can also check the driver update by going to Device administrator and select your keyboard to update your driver.

In most cases, Windows key button not working in Windows 10 problem is caused by software or program preventing it from responding to your request. You may want to try to boot your PC into a clean boot state and check if Windows key or Win key does not work on Windows 10 problem can be fixed.

You can clean up your PC boot by going to the start menu, search msconfig and open it. Go to the Service tab and check the box that says Hide all Microsoft services . Then click Disable all to disable the remaining services. Doing this will disable all services except Microsoft services on your next reboot. Restart your PC and see if the Windows key button does not work in Windows 10 problem can be solved.

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