Xiaomi revealed the minus of the fastest charging at 200 W: the battery wears out very quickly

Last month, Xiaomi officially announced its latest development, HyperCharge – 200W wired charging, which is noticeably superior in capabilities to the technologies currently available in smartphones. During the official announcement, the manufacturer said that thanks to HyperCharge, a smartphone battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh could be charged in just eight minutes, but, as it turned out, such a fast charging process also has a negative side – the battery that is charged with this technology wears out much faster than if a less powerful analog would be used.

Representatives of Xiaomi today, June 11, on the social network Weibo published a session of questions and answers from users to engineers, among whom was a question regarding battery wear. The Xiaomi engineer said that the wear is insignificant. If you charge the smartphone using HyperCharge at 200 W. After 800 charge cycles, the total battery capacity will drop to 80% of the original volume. Accordingly, if the user charges the smartphone every day, 800 cycles are approximately equal to two years of active use. And if the information from the engineer is correct, then two years after the purchase, a smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery will leave the user with about 3200 mAh.

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And the larger the battery, the more noticeable this wear. For example, a smartphone with a 5000 mAh battery in two years will leave the user only 4000 mAh for everyday use – this is a significant loss. And if a person plans to use a smartphone for 3-4 years, then the situation is even sadder. However, direct competitors in the market demonstrate similar wear parameters – Oppo’s 125 W fast charge also demonstrates a decrease in the total battery capacity to 80% of the initial parameter for the same 800 charge cycles.

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