A couple of weeks ago, Xiaomi introduced the new HyperCharge technology, providing 200W wired charging. But the company’s engineers believe that the future lies with wireless charging and smartphones without ports.

On Friday, June 11, Xiaomi representatives answered several questions related to the new charging technology. In addition, the company’s engineers hinted that smartphones without ports would soon become the norm. According to them, smartphones without USB ports will hit the market next year. These models will only charge wirelessly. By the way, last year, Vivo showed its concept smartphone Apex 2020, which offered 60W fast wireless charging as the only solution for recharging the battery.

Xiaomi engineers noted that the only reason wired charging is still the main way to charge smartphones is because wireless technology is not yet advanced enough compared to its wired counterpart. In addition, many people still have doubts about the safety of wireless charging. But as technology advances, smartphones with improved wireless charging should appear on the market, and wireless chargers will become more popular than they are now.

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