Xiaomi will release an unusual version of the Mi Band with a flexible screen: what it will be

A few years ago, Nubia showed off the concept of the smart bracelet of the future. The device, called the Nubia Alpha, was marketed as a watch/smartphone hybrid in a wrist form factor and featured a full-area flexible screen that completely wrapped around the wrist. The unique gadget did not receive wide distribution, but one of the largest Chinese manufacturers drew attention to the idea after a while. The information appeared on the network that Xiaomi is currently working on a similar implementation of the Mi Band.

A participant in a closed presentation Xiaomi in China published a photo of a slide that describes the Mi Band X project. According to the leak, the main features of the Mi Band X are a light and thin case, a 360-degree flexible screen instead of a bracelet, and a magnetic clasp. The list also includes a new color palette, “underline manufacturability.” It looks like there should be an image in the right area, but a possible render is blurred.

Apparently, this is just an announcement of a development plan for employees, and there can be no talk of the release of Mi Band X shortly. Most likely, the project is at an early stage, so neither the technical specifications nor the design has been finalized yet.

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