YouTube or Facebook video won’t play on Windows 10 after update

If you encounter the problem where Facebook or YouTube video won’t play in any browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox) after applying Windows update, see below why it happens and what you can do to solve it.

Windows Update, especially the main ones, sometimes breaks things. I think we’ve all been there before, feeling that these updates sometimes do more harm than good. Well, if it’s just a few minor issues like the video won’t reproduce the issue, instead of immediately reversing your Windows, try updating your software. These are usually just compatibility issues between software.

How To Fix YouTube / Facebook Video Won’t Play After Windows 10 Update

Update Flash Player

The most common problem after running Windows Update is that things suddenly become incompatible with the system components installed by the latest update. This includes Adobe Flash Player .

The Flash player plugin is necessary to play all kinds of videos in your browser. If the videos won’t play or show a blank space about where they should be on the web page, it most likely indicates that your flash player is down or out of date.

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To update Adobe Flash Player on Windows 10, if you are using Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox, go to this page . On Optional offers , you can uncheck the items that Adobe suggests you install. When you’re ready, click Install Now . This will download the Flash Player installer, which you will then need to open and install.

As for Google Chrome users, since Chrome is using its own Flash Player plugin, you will need to download and install the latest version of Chrome. As you install Chrome, you will also get the latest version of Flash Player.

After you have installed the latest version of Flash Player, restart your computer. Open your browser and try to play any video on YouTube or Facebook, and see if the problem persists.

Update video driver

A graphics driver is required to allow communication between Windows 10 and the application in order to display graphic images on your monitor. In short, it is required to properly play the video on your PC. If a driver is outdated and it no longer supports the latest system components installed by Windows Update, it could be the cause why the video will not play on Chrome, Firefox or Edge after Windows 10 update.


Depending on the graphics cards you have, you will need to go to the respective manufacturer’s website to download their latest drivers. For example, if you have an Nvidia Geforce video card, go to here , whereas if you have an ATI Radeon video card, go here. Download and install the latest driver for your video card and see if it solves the problem.

Optionally, you can go to Windows Search , search for Device Manager and open it. Expand the Display adapters . Right-click on your graphics card, then select Update driver .

What else can you do?

Usually updating the Flash player and video driver should fix the issues. If the above solutions don’t work for you, try the solutions listed below.

Update your internet browser , be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Make sure they are the latest version.

Try clear your browser’s cache and cookies . If only certain videos on the website won’t play, check the complement and complement your browser. Some websites require a specific video player plugin to play their videos. If these plug-ins or add-ons were mistakenly removed or are no longer compatible with the latest Windows update, you will need to update or reinstall them.

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If you are using Edge or Internet Explorer, try disable (or enable) the graphics accelerator in the Internet Option. To do this, open Internet Explorer. Click Settings (gear icon) and select Internet option . Go to the tab Advanced . On Accelerated graphics , enable / disable Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering . Try playing a video in Edge or IE again and see if it works.

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