Zoom will pay users $85 million for privacy breach

A class-action lawsuit was filed against Zoom, a popular video conferencing service, last March. American users who initiated the lawsuit accused Zoom of violating confidentiality and transferring personal data to third parties. The lawsuit, filed in federal court in San Jose, California, alleged that Zoom collects information about users of the service and shares it with IT giants such as Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.

A federal judge sided with the plaintiffs more than a year later, finding Zoom guilty of inappropriate data transfer to Facebook. The court also concluded that the service was misleading its users about secure data encryption. As a result, as part of the litigation, the parties came to an amicable agreement, according to which Zoom will pay users compensation for about $ 85 million. Users with a paid subscription will receive $ 25 each, and all other users whose accounts do not fall under the class action will be paid $ 15 each. Also, the creators of Zoom promised to improve the protection of confidential information.

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Interestingly, Zoom denied the accusations to the last, stating that privacy and security are the top priorities for the service. Zoom is working hard to improve the security of the service, especially after the service’s growing popularity amid the coronavirus pandemic has drawn a lot of attention to software vulnerabilities. In this regard, in October last year, the company began to implement end-to-end encryption.

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