Zuma, Farm Frenzy and others. 15 mini-games that were on every PC

Mini-games are probably the best way to pass the time. The list of the most interesting includes those that have received high user ratings and remain popular for a long time. These games really have good graphics for the category, interesting gameplay, and a fascinating storyline.

1. “Farm Frenzy.”

A casual mini-game was released in 2007. The simulator proved to be so popular that an insane number of games were created, including Farm Frenzy 2, Farm Frenzy: Bake Pizza, Farm Frenzy 3, Farm Frenzy: American Pie, and so on. According to the plot, the user gets a whole farm at his disposal. Now the fate of agriculture is in the hands of a gamer who needs to feed animals, sell food, protect crops from pests and skillfully manage funds. This is a great game for those who want to feel like a farmer. In addition, Farm Frenzy will delight you with original levels, funny animals, funny music, and unlimited gameplay.

2. “Wonderful Garden.”

An adventure game was released in 2009. At the moment, six versions of this series have been created, including “Wonderful Garden: 3 in 1”, “Wonderful Garden 2”, “Wonderful Garden: Academy of Repair,” and others. The plot is based on an old mansion with a huge but completely abandoned garden. The user needs to resume the previous beauty, looking for items and completing many interesting quests. To implement their design ideas, gamers will have to make money first.

3. Zuma

Mini-game was released in 2003. The series consists of three versions, including Zuma, Zuma Deluxe, and Zuma’s Revenge. The game’s main heroine is a small green frog – a very calm and silent character who shoots balls of different colors. The user needs to break all the balls before they reach the final goal – for this, you need to hit the groups of the same color. A feature of the game is that it has two modes: story missions and survival.

4. “How to get a neighbor.”

An arcade game was released in 2003. The official series consists of two versions: “How to get a neighbor” and “How to get a neighbor 2: Hell’s Holidays.” The main goal is to take revenge on a neighbor. According to the plot, a man settled next to the main character, disturbing the rest. The user needs to find various items that will help build traps for a noisy neighbor.

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5. “Daddy’s Daughters.”

Mini-game based on the TV series “Daddy’s Daughters.” Release date – 2009. The game consists of two parts: “Daddy’s Daughters” and “Daddy’s Daughters Go to the Sea.” The plot is based on the Vasnetsov family. The user needs to help each character find the lost things to move to the next level. The game will certainly delight gamers with cartoon graphics and funny music.

6. “Super Cow”

A casual mini-game was released in 2007. According to the plot, the insane Professor Duriarty deceived himself from the prison and captured the inhabitants of the Sun Valley. It seems that the inhabitants are doomed: the villain plans to conduct terrible experiments on them. The defenseless animals turned to Super Cow for help. The user will need to go through 10 stages and 47 levels to defeat the crazy professor in her role. You need to get from the starting point to the final one at each level, jumping over obstacles and solving logic puzzles. “Super Cow” will delight players with many secret places and fascinating dialogues of the main characters.

7. “Russian fishing.”

Minigame was released in 2007. There are currently four versions. The game allows you to visit all continents and catch both fresh and sea fish. The simulator has many chips: good graphics, a huge assortment of fishing equipment, realistic gameplay, and well-thought-out levels. To catch a fish, a gamer needs to throw a fishing rod and wait for a bite. Pull the line very slowly to avoid losing your catch. This simulator will help players go from beginner to master: the game will teach you to understand all the intricacies of fishing.

8. “Bubbles”

Minigame was released in 2000. Its mechanism turned out to be so addicting that it immediately became popular among teenagers and adults, although the game was originally aimed at children. The gameplay is quite simple: the player needs to shoot all the bubbles on the screen. The main goal is to collect as many points as possible by exploding three or more balls of the same color. It is important to destroy all bubbles on the site. If the user misses several times in a row, another row of balls is added as a punishment, which greatly complicates the passage.

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9. “Field of Miracles.”

The game was created back in 1993 and relaunched in 2011. The gameplay is based on the television show “Field of Miracles” with Leonid Yakubovich. The user becomes a participant in the intelligent transmission. He needs to challenge rivals to win a crushing victory. As in the TV version, the host asks a question with an explanation, and the player spins the drum. There are 10 sectors in the game where the reel can stop: “5 points”, “10 points”, “15 points”, “20 points”, “25 points”, “Points multiplication by 2,” Points multiplication by 4 “, “0 points”, “Plus”, “Bankrupt” and “Prize”. “Field of Miracles” will allow you not only to test your erudition but also to learn many interesting facts.

10. “Treasures of Montezuma”

A casual mini-game was released in 2007. To date, six versions of this series have been created. According to the plot, student Emily Jones found an ancient map of the Aztecs, which will help find a unique calendar that gives wealth and longevity. However, the blueprint can only be activated with the help of sunstones, which can be obtained after completing all levels. The gameplay is straightforward: the player needs to move the multi-colored figures to get a chain of three or more identical elements.

11. “In 80 days around the world.”

An adventurous game based on the novel of the same name by Jules Verne. The release date is 2006. According to the plot, the player, in the company of the Englishman Phileas Fogg and his assistant Passepartout, goes on a trip around the world. The characters have only 80 days to make this journey—the same number of levels in the game. By completing logic tasks, the characters receive the necessary items for the journey. The gameplay is straightforward: you need to make identical chains from multi-colored figures. “Around the World in 80 Days” is a real training in logic mixed with adventure.

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12. “House of 1000 doors.”

A casual mini-game was released in 2011. There are currently seven versions of this series. According to the plot, the user must help the main character Kate overcome many obstacles, find lost artifacts, and solve puzzles. The player will need perseverance and attentiveness not to miss the clues and clues in the old building. It is important not only to find items but also to use them correctly.

13. “Dream Business: Coffee Shop”

Mini-game was released in 2012. The users liked the simulator so much that the second part was created – “Dream Business: Coffee Shop 2”. According to the plot, Joe and Mark decided to open a coffee shop, but the building they bought for business turned out to be in a deplorable state. The user needs to help the heroes turn the room into the best city coffee shop. The gameplay is straightforward: the gamer needs to serve the visitors of the establishment by serving them coffee and ice cream. The money earned can be invested in business development and building renovation.

14. “Alex Gordon”

Minigame was released in 2008. The plot is based on the story of a true gentleman and adventurer, Alex. Together with the main character, the user will go to the labyrinths of the mysterious island. At every step, the characters are waiting for monsters who guard the treasures – at each level. You need to deal with them and get to the end of the location. The gamer will need to defeat all enemies to restore an ancient amulet with magical powers.

15. “Birds on a Wire”

Minigame was released in 2008. According to the plot, the evil witch, with the help of dark magic, bewitched the bright birds: now they voluntarily jump towards their death. And only firing at the feathery colored balls can save them from certain death. The user will have at his disposal a powerful catapult that will help free the birds from the spell. To do this, you need to hit birds of the same color, collecting groups from them.

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